December 14, 2017

Dog Training Supplies

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Helen asks…

The best deal for How to house train your dog with simple dog training tricks?

I have searched all over the internet for the absolute best offer.
So far the best I found was at
Anyone know of a better deal?

admin answers:

Crate training is by far the best way to house train your dog. Google it.

Sandra asks…

How Much Money Would I Need To Buy Dog Supplies And Her Vaccinations?

I have a few questions.

1.How much money will i need to buy bed,food and water bowls,leash,collar and all that?Including Vaccinations (I’m not getting her spayed until 6 months)

2.What is the smartest big dog?And what is the smartest small dog thats easy to train?

I’m getting this puppy when i get the correct supplies so no lectures please.
I already have a Beagle i am just needing to know how much for the supplies and 1st vaccinations nothing else.

admin answers:

There are a hundred or more variables you need to take into consideration.

You could buy a collar, leash and handful of toys for a small dog for $25 – $30. For a large dog – the cost could easily double or triple. A bed can run $10 – $30 for a small dog and $30 to $60 (or more) for a large dog.

Walmart would be cheaper than a boutique.

Food again depends on the quality of the brands you buy, where you buy it and the size of the dog. Purina dog chow is no where near the cost of Science Diet or Iams. Feeding a small dog is of course cheaper than feeding a large dog. My 2 large dogs eat 20 pounds of food a week. My small dogs eat maybe 6 or 7.

Vaccinations and spaying depend on where you get them done. I use the discount vaccination/spay places. I generally spend $75 for the entire package. A regular vet can easily run you $150 – $200.

Also – FYI – you can now have your dog spayed at 2 months old. Since vets will charge you more to fix a larger dog – you are better off to get her spayed while she is younger and smaller. I have all of my rescues done at 2 months and it is nice not having to deal with them going into heat.

As for breeds – you should really do some research there, All dogs are different so finding one that is easy to train is not necessarily going to be determined by breed. Not to mention there may be other characteristics of that breed that may fit your lifestyle. For example – Jack Russel Terriers are great dogs – very smart BUT they need a LOT of attention and they are very very active. They could easily drive you crazy if you aren’t prepared.

I recently got a beagle puppy and I LOVE her to death but I spent several weeks researching breeds to find the breed that fit what I was looking for. If you take the time to find the right dog – you will be much happier in the end.

Carol asks…

I’m going to start my dog on agility training. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get supplies?

I need:
-Regular jumps
-Weave Pole

And anything I forgot. If you have any ideas on how to make them at home, that would be great too.

Could you also tell me how much these should cost?


admin answers:

Get PVC pipe from the hardware store and make your own jumps. You can find plans online and some great youtube video showing construction. MACHgreyhound has great demos on youtube (link below). When making the regular jumps, I didn’t have the jump cups. I cut a “t” joint in half and then used a dremel tool to sand out the inside bumps.

Weave poles can be make using garden stakes or PVC pipe. I made mine out of PVC pipe. You can get garden spikes or tent spikes to fashion on the ends of the poles.

Tunnels are very expensive. My dog is small so I just have a 6 foot nylon child’s play tunnel (about $25 at ToysRUs.)

The tire jump was the hardest part for me. I built it using a modified plan I found online. Had about $75-$80 in supplies.

Colored Duck Tape can be used to stripe the poles to give contrast. Good luck. I’ve had fun doing agility with my dog. We aren’t very good, but we have fun.

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