December 13, 2017

Dog Training Supplies

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Sharon asks…

Online dog training supply store?

I need a few items that I never assumed were considered rare, yet now, I can’t find just one darn online store that carries them all. I hate to order from 4 different places when if I found everything at 1 place, I could at least combine shipping!!!

Has anyone found a really good online store, in the US. That’s a big issue too, I found a few stores that have everything I need but their all in Britain, England or Australia.
The thing I need most that is hardest to find is a double ended leash, it has a clip on each end so that both I can use the gentle leader AND a regular collar at the same time.

admin answers:

If you are more specific about the items you are looking for,there are several good companies,also ebay has loads of things

Jenny asks…

Dog training video………………………………………………………………?

I got a video from the animal shelter and it showed you how to do train your new dog and fun things to do with it. my mom threw it away and ive been trying to find it online if maybe i could buy it or see it on youtube or something. it was by animal planet and the brand of dog supplies Harts sponsered it. on the front of the cover it said smart barks or something like that.thanks

admin answers:

Call the animal shelter to see if you can get another one..

Paul asks…

Dog supplies for first inside dog?

I am going to be having my first inside-dog.

What supplies will i need to train my dog to be an inside dog?

Besides food water etc.

admin answers:

You would need a leash, & hook a long leash outside the step so you can let him/her out without going outside. Praise him ALOT when he does his bussiness outside. Good luck !

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