December 14, 2017

Dog Training Tips

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Charles asks…

Dog training tips please? How do you stop a dog from going up the stairs?

We just moved into our first house and we’ve been trying to train our 3yr old maltese/poodle to NOT go up to the second floor. He only ran up once and I chased him, carried him down. But since then he’s been pushing his luck by sleeping on the steps. First step, second step, this morning was the third step and just now he was on the fourth!

Are there any training tips to stop him? I don’t want a baby gate on the main staircase.

Thank you!

admin answers:

Dont allow your dog to have access upstairs.While you are walking upstaris, ask someone to hold your puppy while you are going upstaris. Soon your dog will know that going upstaris is forbidden. If you want anymore help on dogs you should check out my website


Good Luck :)

Thomas asks…

I need dog training tips for a remote electric collar.?

I have a great dog, but when he gets about 20-30 yrds from me he stops listening. So I purchased a petsafe training system. I cant find any online info as far as a step by step training tips. I know it is tricky, I just want to do it right.

admin answers:

If you’ve ever used treat motivation for your dog in obedience training than the usage of the treat would be the same “timing” for when you would use the remote. If you’ve not done obedience training, I HIGHLY suggest you do before ever using a remote training system on your dog. Without the right timing and using it properly it’s more like torture and you won’t be training your dog correctly. Speak to an obedience instructor about using this is much too delicate of a matter to teach over the internet.

Lisa asks…

What are some good dog-training tips?

I have taught my dog so many tricks, and I want to teach him more~ but I don’t know what else to teach him. I have taught him the following:
sit, stay, lay down, roll over, stop drop and roll, jump up, sit up, kisses, shake, and hand signals for all of them. He really is a smart dog, and I want to teach him more because I hope that someday he will be a showdog. Please give me some tips! Thanks!

admin answers:

Get a book or video by Barbara Woodhouse. She knows how to train a dog!

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