December 13, 2017

Dog Training Tips

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Richard asks…

Any dog training tips you know?

Well my dog is scared of my new dog and gets mad if the puppy gets too close. Do you know how to train so my dog so it won’t be scared of the puppy or get mad to the point it gets defensive? I mean, ive heard of training so the dog won’t attact house cats on tv. Never saw one for dogs. Well, there slowly getting used to each other but just making sure.

admin answers:

Rewards almost always work. Find a moment when your older dog responds well to the new puppy, then, at that very moment, give him a reward. Perhaps a morsel of food. Certainly a lot of attention and emotional ‘great dog!’ sort of activity. Slowly he will learn.

Chris asks…

do yall have any dog training tips?

My dog is pretty rough. He always jumps on me and he nips alot. Do you have any tips or websites i can find tips at! Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

The answer to ALL dog training issues is obedience training. Obedience classes are available through local kennel clubs. They have two additional benefits. First, they will introduce you to people in the community who can help you with all issues regarding puppy care, and second, they provide you and your dog with great opportunities for socialization and new friends. If you have never taken a dog to obedience training,,you have no idea what you are missing. You and your dog will be much happeir for it, and you can be very proud of your dog when he gets his canine good citizen award. There is no better way to solve the problems you are having!

Mark asks…

where can i find good dog training tips online for free?

i want to learn how to train my dog thanks for your help

admin answers:


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