December 14, 2017

Dog Training Tricks

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Lisa asks…

what is a good web-site that can give dog training info on tricks?

I would like to teach my dog some cool trick such as dance, roll over, sit, stand, lay down, play dead, and all the other cool tricks dogs can do. I also would like to train my dog to walk with me without a leash, and so on. Does anyone know a really good web-site that is free and provides good training methods? Thanks!

admin answers:

Here’s a site with about 12 or so tricks.

Good luck and I hope you have have fun :-)

Thomas asks…

Is there a website with insrtructions on training a dog tricks?

I have a pretty smart dog. He’s just a mutt, but he’s definitly smart and has a good personality. Are there any tricks I can teach him, or any websites that have instructions on how to teach a dog new tricks? Nothing fancy, I’m not going to enter him in any contests or anything. Just looking for something fun for us to do.

admin answers:

Google it.

Sharon asks…

Is it wrong to train your dog tricks? Shouldn’t they be allowed to live naturally and express themselves?

I guess training a dog to be house-trained is alright (I’m not cleaning that up), but when do you draw the line with training dogs tricks?

admin answers:

That’s like saying children shouldn’t be taught anything.

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