December 14, 2017

Dog Training Tricks

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James asks…

Training a dog to do magic tricks?

I want to use my dog in a show where he has to perform a magic trick.

He already is an “acting dog” so he is easy and willing to be trained.

I dont know any magic tricks though – does anyone have any suggestions?

admin answers:

Dogs can be trained to play tricks on people. That would be a funny thing to add to a magic act. You could have her do a certain task, but instead she does something else.

Robert asks…

Dog Tricks && Training?

what are some tricks and ways to train my doggies????

I have 2 dogs, a male and female! VERY BIG!

I need some tricks to teach them that would win a pet show and some cheap and easy ways to train them and have the equipment!!



admin answers:

There are many cheap ways to train a dog, but it’s not always quick and easy. Now I’m apparently an ‘old school’ trainer in that I use a leash and a training collar. A correction isn’t cruel if you use it at the right time with the right amount of quick pressure. In fact, animals will learn faster if they receive consistent positive and negative reinforcement compared to having just positive or negative alone. I also avoid food rewards in my training. It will only serve to distract them. Use praise and lots of petting as a reward. They should do a trick because it is fun and they want to please you, not for food.

Now my experience is more the obedience training and not the ‘trick’ training. I did take my other pets to pet shows at the county fairs, and was awarded grand prize because of my knowledge of my birds, not because of any tricks they could do. If you want to do tricks, do something that will entertain the crowd, not the run of the mill sit, stay, down stuff. For larger breeds, you might teach them how to ‘jump rope’. Jump is an easy command to teach. Put a stick in front of your dog, gently press it towards his foreleg and give the command ‘jump’. He’ll have to jump it in order to keep his balance. Gradually move the stick a little further away and start leading the dog towards it while giving the command. Start with it low to the ground and gradually raise it higher. Then switch to using clothesline or nylon rope. If they master that, get someone to help you swing the long rope like a jumprope. Be sure to start really slow and gentle and give the command to ‘jump’ every time the rope swings around. Eventually it’ll speed up so it looks like actually jumping rope. If you can get your dogs to do this in tandem, it’d be even more impressive.

If the simple obedience tricks are more your style, then do something to wow the judge like teach your dog a few different commands in several different languages. If I were a pet show judge, I’d be unimpressed with a dog that knew how to sit, but I’d be impressed if the dog knew how to sit in english, spanish, and french!!

It’s hard to tell you what you should do for sure, because each pet show is different. I’d call whoever is putting it on and ask them for a list of categories they’re going to judge the pets on.

Thomas asks…

Has anyone tried the training tricks seen on The Dog Whisperer and do they work?

One time I tried the calming technique used by Cesar Milan on his dogs during the show The Dog Whisperer on my dog., It looked harmless enough and not cruel in any way. I put my hand on my dog‘s shoulder the way Cesar does, kind of like how dogs do when communicating with each other in a pack. I made sure I was gentle, I thought it couldn’t hurt to try because it wasn’t harmful to the dog in any way.
My dog turned around and growled at me though, then he tried to bite my hand! Has anyone else tried this?

admin answers:

Yeah, i have tried it. It didn’t work too well with my dog either. She didn’t growl or anything, but she didn’t like it. I think Cesar is great at what he does. But I think his techniques work great when HE is doing it. I think it is hard for a regular pet owner to do what he does. My dog is good, and I am happy with her behavior, so I just don’t mess. I treat her like I always have, and we are both happy. If you are unhappy with some of your dog’s behaviors you might want to talk to a professional behaviorist, because is he is growling and biting it might be dangerous for you to try things on your own. There are a lot of really great animal behaviorists out there. Good Luck.

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