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English Setter

english setter
The English Setter has its roots in 16th century France where was developed from the French pointer and Spanish pointer as a hunting dog. it wasn’t until the 1800’s that the English Setter as we know it was developed by a man called Sir Edward Laverack. This is a very mild mannered dog who needs quite a bit of exercise.

Breed Specifics
The English Setter is a slim dog with a speckled coat and long silky hair with a bit of a wave. He has a long head with a pronounced stop and square muzzle. Large bright eyes in a hazel color give this dog a sweet expression. He is medium long ears with fringed hair and a tail that point straight up which is also fringed.
Height: 24 to 27 inches (males), 23 to 26 inches (females)
Weight: 55 to 80 pounds (males), 45 to 70 pounds (females)
Longevity:10 to 12 years

This slight dog has an interesting coat with speckles. They hair on the ears, tail and backs of the legs are slightly fringed. This is a hunting dog with a sweet mild-mannered personality. Although calm inside, he does need exercise every day.
Colors:the English Setter’s coat is white and can have brown, blue or orange speckles. Dogs in the tri-color of white brown and blue are also acceptable.

The English Setter is very mild mannered and makes a great family dog being especially well around children. This dog, however, can be a bit difficult to train so it is best to start young and have consistent training with positive reinforcement. The English setter can also become vocal so barking must be discouraged early on. This is a loving affectionate dog who makes a great family pet.

Health Issues
The English Setter is prone to hip dysphasia and you should take to make sure he does not become overweight. Females can have false pregnancies.

Since this dog does need a bit of exercise he should be in a home that has a medium sized yard. He will not be hyperactive when in the house but does need to be walked every day and will appreciate some playtime out of yard. Being a hunting dog, he has many talents including pointing, hunting, retreiving and agility.

The English setter has a medium length code that needs daily brushing. Since this dog loves to run an in the woods, you will need to check for burrs and ticks. The English setter is an average shedder.

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