December 14, 2017

Facts About German Shepherds

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The German Shepherd is well known for their suitability as pets. German shepherds were first created in Germany in the 1800s as a working dog. German shepherds have been used in lots of job roles for decades and are famed for their working ability. Learn more about German shepherds by reading more of this article.

German Shepherd Information

  • The German shepherd (as the name suggests) was first used for sheep herding. Due to their trainability and great relationship with humans, they have filled a number of roles though. Arguably the most well known of these is for working with military or police forces as a guard dog. They’re also commonly used for search and rescue work.
  • German shepherd puppies will mature into extremely intelligent adult dogs. Poodles and border collies are the only dogs that are ranked higher than German shepherds in terms of working intelligence. German shepherds are most happy when they are kept entertained by having a job to do. The other side of this however is that they can easily become bored.
  • Famed for their loyalty, German shepherds make absolutely fantastic pets. German shepherds form very tight bonds with their owners and will protect their territory and family if needed. German shepherds need to live in a house with people that can fulfil their emotional and physical requirements.
  • As with any working dog, German shepherds need to have their high energy levels satisfied. You must take a German shepherd for a walk at least twice a day. If you live in a small house, the German shepherd may not be the best choice of dog. Access to a garden is vital.

  • German shepherds need to be fully socialised as puppies with both people and animals. If they aren’t, it’s possible they can become overly protective and territorial. Continued socialising and strong leadership will help them to become dependable and loving dogs.
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