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German Shepherd

german shepherd
The German Shepherd is a fearless, intelligent, alert dog of the herding group. it has origins in Bavaria, Wurtemberg and Thurginia where the breed was produced from local Shepherd dogs. Originally being bred in a long and wired haired coat as well as a short coat only the short coated dogs are recognized for show. First registered in 1899, this handsome dog has been a favorite family pet in great show dog for over 100 years.

Breed Specifics
With its distinctive markings and strong body, the German Shepherd is well-known for its intelligence courage and loyalty. A great family dog, German shepherds can be very protective as well as hard workers. in fact, this breeding is known to be so smart and quick at learning that is often used in police work, for search and rescue missions, as a guard dog, and to aid the blind.
Height: 24 to 26 inches (males), 23 to 24 inches (females)
Weight: 77 to 85 pounds
Longevity:13 years

The German Shepherd is a muscular dog that that is typically a black and tan but can be other colors as well. This dog has upright years that are wide at the base and Ahmed shaped eyes. The tail hangs down and is rather bushy. There are actually three varieties of German Shepherd, the long-haired, the long rough coated, and the rough coated.
Colors: German shepherds can be stable, all-black or the most common black and tan. Rarer colors include blue and white and liver, but these colors are considered to be at fault for the breed and not up to show standards. White German sharp words are actually called American White Shepherds and white is not an acceptable color for this breed.

The German Shepherd is a wonderful dog with the sweet temperament but must be trained and socialize early on. Stories you hear of mean German shepherds and attack their owners are usually dogs who have come from bad breeding or have been mistreated. They are eager to learn highly intelligent, therefore easy to train. Loyal to their families they may be weary of strangers and can act out if left isolated for any length of time. They can tend to be overprotective so must be socialized from an early age. German shepherds are typically good with children and other pets. German shepherds are working dogs like to have a task to do, so it's good to keep you out of some sort of training, such as the agility or sports.

Health Issues
Hip and elbow dysplasia can be a problem with this breed (largely due to poor breeding) so when buying a German shepherd puppy you need to check out the parents and make sure that there is no hip problems in their lineage. Other health problems can include flea allergies, eczema, keratitis, dwarfism and epilepsy.

The German Shepherd does need to be exercised but can live well in an apartment if outdoor exercises added. A large yard is your best bet for this type of dog. They love strenuous activity and training and want to be challenged so they are great candidates for agility.

German shepherds are big shedders and should be brushed daily. Other than that there are no special grooming needs for this breed. It's

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