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Golden Retriever

golden retriever
The Golden Retriever was first developed in Britain by crossing a yellow flat coated retriever with either a light coated Tweed Water Spaniel or other Spaniel and Setter breeds. The Flat Coated Retriever may also have been crossed with a Newfoundland or Bloodhound to produce the Golden Retriever that we recognize today. When first shown it was originally known as the Golden Flat Coat. Because the Golden Retriever has an excellent nose they are not only used to hunt and track but also for detecting narcotics. They are keen to please and learn and that is why the Golden Retriever is being used more and more as guide dogs for the blind as well as therapy dogs and to assist disabled people.

Breed Specifics
The Golden Retriever is part of the AKC Sporting group and the first one of its kind was registered at the American Kennel Club in 1925.
Height: 20-24 inches
Weight: 55-80 pounds
Longevity: 10-12 years

The Golden Retriever is a well proportioned dog and is sturdy as well as being beautiful looking. The coat is of a feathered medium length and the outer coat is water repellant whilst the undercoat is dense. A Golden Retriever has a broad head which tapers into a wide but powerful muzzle. The nose on a Golden Retriever is black and the eyes are brown with a dark rim which gives them their kindly demeanor. The ears are often medium sized and shaped like a pendant. A good specimen of Golden Retriever will have a muscular neck and thighs and the chest will be broad. Although the tail is long it should never be curled.
Color: Cream to golden colored

Golden Retrievers are lovable well mannered and intelligent dogs which can be easily trained and are especially patient and gentle with children. They are also loyal, confident, sweet and eager to please those around them, but they are extremely active. Because they are so obedient that are fun to train and have a friendly disposition not just to humans but also towards other dogs. A Golden Retriever is happier when with people and if left alone for extended periods of time can become mischievous. Unfortunately they can be extremely exuberant and easily distracted.

Health Issues
The Golden Retriever is prone to hip displaysia and well as congenital eye defects. They also should be checked for either Von Willebrand’s disease or heart problems as some may suffer from these. Unfortunately some Golden Retrievers are prone to skin allergies and this need to have immediate veterinary attention if discovered.

A Golden Retriever can live happily in an apartment, but they do need to be provided with plenty of exercise and would be better suited to a home that has a medium or large size garden. They need to be exercised daily and enjoy retrieve balls and other toys. It is important that they are exercised regularly and their diet watched over else they may put on weight very quickly.

As a Golden Retriever has a smooth medium haired double coat they are pretty easy to groom and should be combed and brushed using a firm bristled brush and when grooming particular attention must be paid to their dense undercoat. They may be dry shampooed regularly but only bathed when it is absolutely necessary. The Golden Retriever is known as being an average shedder of its coat.

Golden Retrievers For Dummies

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