December 14, 2017

How Can I Get My Dog To Eat Her Own Food And Stop Eating The Cat Food For My Cats?

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She just goes over and eats the cat food without touching hers at anytime. We keep on having to buy so much cat food and I want it to stop. They are both out all day I can’t just put the cat food up cause it drives my mom crazy. I’m wondering is there a type of dog food that most dogs usually love and will keep wanting that and stop eating the cat food.

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  1. buggsnme says:

    For one separate the food. and put a little cat food in his dish.. so when hes eating eventually he will reach the dog food and get used to eating that! Trust me it works I’ve had to do if before ; ).

  2. Emily S says:

    you don’t want your dog eating the cat food, and there is a reason. Cat food is higher in protien content, and while that seems good, it’s actually too much for a dogs system, so they don’t do well eating it. Pick up the cat food, and put it someplace high. I don’t let my cats on counters or tables, so I use the dryer. I also have a cat door that leads out to the garage, and all the cat necessities are out there, out of the dogs reach.

  3. RoxyGrl2 says:

    Pick the cats food up and put it on top of something..They can jump up onto and she cant reach…She will eat hers when she cant get ahold of the cats…

  4. roxie_29 says:

    Dogs love cat food. It is much higher in meat and protein than dog food, but it also isn’t very good for them (just like humans love food that isn’t good for them, dogs also love foods that don’t sit well with them).
    Place the cat’s food in some spot that the cat can get to but the dog can’t, such as on a high table or shelf. Or, pick a room of the house that you can baby-gate off to be the cat’s room. The cat can jump over (or go through, depending on the style of gate) the gate and the dog won’t be able to. In our house, the basement is a canine-free zone. We have the door to the basement blocked off such that the cats can get through but the dogs can’t. We keep the cats’ food, water and litterbox in the basement, and it also gives the cats a place to go when the dogs are just irritating them.

  5. tenzo0 says:

    if you have a bar in your kitchen, then put the food on the bar for the cat, and dog food on the floor. or just put the dog outside for the meal

  6. honey says:

    I had a similar problem with my dog and cat years ago. Actually, the dog wanted to eat the cat’s food and (ugh) help himself to the contents of the litter box. I put the food up in the laundry room on the dryer (with a vinyl mat under it). Sounds like you can’t put the food up…even if you use a mat? But you could try doing with your cat’s food what I did with my cat’s box – barricade it.
    Here’s how it worked. For the cat box barricade, I used the dryer and washer on the sides (with no wiggle room for doggie between either appliance and the side walls). The back of the barricade was provided by the back wall of the laundry room (which the dryer and washer were placed near enough to that the dog couldn’t squeeze through even if he made it around back). And the front of the barricaded cat alcove was completed by wedging my sewing machine into the front opening of the space between the washer and dryer. The dog was a sheltie, so short legged and not able to get over the sewing machine. Oh he tried…but this worked out really well.
    I suspect you could accomplish a similar cat food area barricade with appliances/furniture/walls you have in your place. Obviously you’ll need to chose your location and items/appliances according to your cat’s physique and disposition as well as your dog’s size, climbing/jumping capacity, and strength. Be sure the items you use are big and heavy enough to prevent the dog from moving them or squeezing in. You don’t want something that will give and let the dog in, get the dog stuck, or topple onto him or the cat or anyone else.
    Good luck!!!

  7. perseph1 says:


  8. JOE M says:

    u acn just putn some cat food in its dog food so the dog will think its cat fooD.

  9. jakobe says:

    If your dog loves the cat’s food then you will have to seperate the feeding. Let your mother know that just leaving food out all day can lead to obesity in both animals, which in turn can cause health problems. Feed the dog and cat in seperate rooms and leave the food down for 15-30 min. If they don’t want to eat then by the next feeding they will. They will soon learn that they need to eat when it is provided and by seperating them there will be no way the dog will eat the cat’s food. I have two dogs that love the cat’s food more than theirs, so what I do is put the cat’s food up higher than the dogs can reach. The cat can climb up and get to her food and the dogs have no choice but to eat theirs. I don’t know if that would work in your situation because of your mother, but it is also worth a try.

  10. atbaba20 says:

    get rid of the cats

  11. ivescon says:

    Just put the dog in one room and put the food in there too. Make sure you keep the cat away though! ;^)

  12. soccergi says:

    my dog will do the same thing.. i feed my cats on top of my dryer ( put a small rug on top of dryer to prevent the cats from slipping off when they jump up). cats like to get up high and it’s a good place for the dog not to reach. just make sure the dog does not get into the cat box or liver damage will occur if you do not have a dryer maybe a shelf in a closet?

  13. montanam says:

    put the cat’s food up on the dryer, it’s an out of the way place so maybe your mom won’t care as much

  14. LVBH says:

    buy the dog an expensive dog food that taste alittle better or get the dog food that has the gravey when you wet it.

  15. melissam says:

    She’s just getting back at the cats cause they tell her stories of their adventures during the day while she’s stuck within the confines of the compound.
    The cat’s tell her how they get to wander the neighborhood and if they get hungry they’ll kill a bird or rodent, sneak into peoples yards and drink from the dog dish outside maybe enjoy a little dog food and tell the dog all about it running away laughing.
    She’s trapped, She’s not allowed to wander the neighborhood and tip over trash cans if she gets hungry and drink water where ever it can be found. She is stuck in the yard or house all day unless the kind humans throw a rope around their neck and escort her around the neighborhood for a few minutes.

  16. reallyno says:

    nope. our dogs do the same and we have to keep the cat food up or in another room. there is no other way hat we have found that will keep a dog away. maybe keeping the cat food up on a counter is a lesser evil to your mom than spending so much extra on cat food.

  17. kaylamay says:

    the cat food will not hurt your dog you can try another brand of dog food but without limiting access to the cat food you may not have the results you want. try confinement of your dog and food to another room separate from the cat and its food. also try reading Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor it desribes the various training methods you can use to properly train your dog to just about any thing you want.

  18. reispins says:

    There is absolutely no way to stop a dog from eating cat food as long as that dog can get to that cat food. Cat food tastes better than any dog food out there because cats need more palitable food than dogs do. Even if the dog had just eaten all his own food, he’d still eat the cat’s food. The only way to stop the dog from eating the cat food is to put the food where he can’t get it, whether it drives your mom crazy or not. She can either keep buying lots of expensive cat food to feed the dog or put the food where doggy can’t get it. It’s also not good for the dog to be eating only cat food. You don’t necessarily have to put the cat food up, just prevent the dog from getting to where it is. Maybe a dog gate would work because the cat can still jump over or go through it. You’ll need to find a creative way to keep the cat food away from the dog.

  19. Sweetser says:

    You should put the dogs food in one room and the cat’s food in another room…

  20. sarah says:

    Serve the dog first when he is full serve the cats

  21. aaina f says:

    give both of them cat food

  22. luke s says:

    You might have to feed them at different times in different parts of the house. If you have a cat door, then feed the cats in the room where the dog cant get to. Cat food is high in protein and can be bad for dogs, it can damage their kidneys if they eat too much especially in older dogs. - Dogs