December 13, 2017

How Can I Give Attention To My Dog While Takeing Care Of A Newborn?

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I recently gave birth, and my pug (mimi) and baby get along just fine, my baby doesnt cry when mimi comes around her or smells her or trys to lick her, but since i was in the hospital for the alst 3 days and i come home with a baby my dog wants attention and lots of it, and i tryed to spend one on one time with her and time with my dog and the baby together, but since my husband has no experience at all hes always calling me for help with the diapers the swaddling the feeding the changeing…. and so many other things, im finding it hard to take care of my baby and giving attention to my dog…. and the sleepless nights i already encounter dont help much with my lack of energy to take the dog for a walk… i was thinking of takeing the dog for a walk while i push the stroller but i wanted to wait atleast 2 weeks since my baby is only 2 days old, dont want her to catch anything… any advice would be of great help!!!

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  1. Michelle says:

    There is a great book called “Baby Proofing your Dog”. Try it, and good luck!

  2. Trish D says:

    get a child in the neighborhood to walk the dog and pay her a little something for her time

  3. lesley **due 4/7/2010** says:

    Congrats on your new baby!
    this little newborn doesn’t need alot of attention right now. so give it to your dog. soon the baby will need more physical attention, so just even letting your dog be with you and beside you should make him feel appreciated!

  4. copperto says:

    Your husband needs to step up and realize that you need help!! He needs to stop asking you for help and learn for himself, maybe he could take the dog for a walk.
    Or maybe you have some neighbor children that could play with your dog until you are feeling better.

  5. KrazeeKe says:

    let your husband struggle with the new baby ( he’s got to learn sometime) and take some time out to walk the little pug. the walk with the little guy would only take about a half hour anyway and it will do alot for his self esteem having you to himself again. the little guy is struggling being #2 all of a sudden when he was always your #1. - Dogs