December 14, 2017

How Do I Get My Dog To Eat Dog Food Again?

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Occasionally, I feed my dog table food. At first, he eat both dog food and table food. Now lately, it seems that he is rejecting the dog food completely. How do I get him to go back to the dog food?

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  1. Ham says:

    Dogs are more drawn to our food than they are to their food. Once they get a taste, that’s all they wany. My dog eats both. When he starts to beg, don’t give him any of your food. He will not want to starve, so he will eat his food before he gets unbearably hungry.

  2. BabeeOre says:

    Oh he’ll eat it. Eventually.

  3. Mary C says:

    Refuse to feed him, until he is desperate enough to eat dog food again.

  4. Opera says:

    What IS it w/people??? This is the DUMBEST thing! Got YOU trained,huh?
    *YOU* spoiled it,now *YOU* have to UN-spoil it!
    Very SIMPLE!! Put correct amount of dry ADULT feed(any decent brand is FINE!) Dog has **15 minutes** to eat it. Then -PICK IT UP!! NOTHING else for *24* HOURS!! Repeat!! & REPEAT & REPEAT until it eats the ration immeadiately!!!
    Grow a spine & be the HUMAN here! IT WILL **NOT** starve!!!

  5. GitEmGan says:

    Wait some time until he gets hungry, then mix in a little table food with the regular dog food. Then gradually take out table food until its just dog food. Hope this works.

  6. Bennythe says:

    don’t feed him or her ppl food feed it only dog food

  7. Kollin H says:

    Your dog is prefering table food because it’s salty and has more flavor than dog food. It’s not much different from us–do you want a plain corn chip day in and day out or would you appreciate someone throw a bag of Dorito’s at you? Exactly.
    Stop offering him table foods or mix it with his kibble. You can also make a cup of boulion (beef or chicken) and slightly moisten the kibble. Boullion is usually rather salty so it’ll add a beef and a salt taste to his otherwise ignored kibble. It just might work!
    Good luck!

  8. Adoption P says:

    This happened to me. just refuse to give him table food. He won’t starve, will eventually eat. But this may take several days. He’ll eat!

  9. Valerie R says:

    Feed your dog, Beneful prepared meals. It looks like human food and dogs love. It comes in like 8 different flavors and its like $1.30-$1.60 @ most stores. ( Wal-mart, Target, Grocery Stores) It’s my dogs favorite. She eats all of it when we put it in her dish. When we give her just dry food, she won’t eat it unless she knows she isn’t getting anything mixed ( table food)in it. When we give her any other type of wet dog food, she won’t eat it. So we stock up on Beneful meals. Good luck to you

  10. Tarabear says:

    He’s being stubburn, unless you changed his dog food, stop giving him table scraps altogether, no exceptions, he’ll get the hint that he’s supposed to eat dog food and not people food.

  11. Å??????? says:

    Once you get started with table food, it is hard to get them to go back to dog food. It is best to completely stop feeding him anything but the dog food. If there is nothing else available to him, he will eat it.

  12. chihuahua mama says:

    don’t ever feed your dog human food do you want it to live 3 to 4 years or 15?

  13. cindy says:

    try feeding him table food and dog food again… reinforcing the dog food to your dog again. if he leave the dog food and eat the table food, try the reward-punishment style of training him. - Dogs