December 14, 2017

How Do I Make My Dog Care More About Global Warming?

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Someone named “Boozy” deserves the credit for this.

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  1. Conspiracy Carrot says:

    Get him incredibly high and just talk to him. Everything will fall into place.

  2. Valkyrie says:

    Really? Did you think I couldn’t let this go? Did you think that I would waste this opportunity by writing something cute and banal?
    Feed a raw diet that is made with organic products, and non-ruminant animals. Dogs and cats are actually designed to eat raw meats and bones.
    For fleas and ticks don’t use nasty chemicals, as they’re bad for the environment and your “dog.” Use natural products such as diatomaceous earth.
    Gomez loves his raw chicken necks.
    This goes for cats, too.

  3. Dead Parrot Society says:

    First sit him down and have a discussion about how his meat diet is terrible for the environment. He now needs to eat vegan. He may not like this but we all have to help.

  4. ifsogirl says:

    make him stay outside all day in the thundering heat and then afterwards make him sit in the driveway in a torrential rain storm
    that outa teach the sucker

  5. c¡§cº k¡Ð ™ gettn hitched says:

    Put the dog outside when its cold out. That way the dog thinks that if it wasn’t for global warming it would be warmer out here.

  6. High Plains Drifter says:

    Rub Milk Bones all over Al Gore and have your dog lick him whilst he explains global warming.

  7. cel's giant beaver says:

    rub his belly

  8. Wascally Wabbit says:

    *laughing for real* Wasn’t that a great question!? She really went off on a rant, but that bit was one of the funniest things ever. I love her now.

  9. Colonel Puddles says:

    let him sit outside in the hot sun, then he will care!!

  10. =0 says:

    make him watch al gore’s movie: the inconvenient truth

  11. Heat_X says:

    Spray him with some aerosol stuff and make him sticky

  12. ganglymo says:

    ask boozy

  13. zara says:

    get him to use biodegradable bags to pick up his droppings !

  14. SW33t=) says:

    Toss it outside on a very cold day… it’ll come to appreciate warmth VERY quickly….

  15. Smilin'_ says:

    Make him drink hot water

  16. Kenny E says:

    I think you should let him hump/hug a tree. Do you see where I’m going with this? Well, sorry I’m too stoned right now to get my total thought out.

  17. ? Flattery Operated © says:

    its not possible dogs can’t comprehend like humans can.
    drinking and eing on yahoo answers should be a crime. tsk tsk tsk

  18. funni bunni says:

    lecture him…daily!

  19. Happy Snow says:

    you cant make him care about global warming lmao

  20. kell <3 says:

    have him make poopy in the toilet. So it won’t lay in the yard …. steamy … pile heating up the universe

  21. Ronatnyu says:

    show him the incovient truth

  22. Jessie M says:

    bury his manure… fertiles the earth quicker… more green foliage….win win

  23. unix says:

    you put corn in its water bowl.

  24. red hot chili peppers says:

    stick him outside in the winter cold til he starts recycling your empties?? :) )

  25. cassandr says:

    Leave him out in the sun longer. Wait. that’s cruel.

  26. Alfred F says:

    beat him

  27. Mike M (back up) says:

    you really cant lol

  28. Ediel S says:

    dont give him water

  29. Conan says:

    feed him your carrot

  30. £MÅÖ Å† ¥öÜr Qü?sTïÖñ­™ says:

    bite his ears
    saw it on TV

  31. ? d g ? says:

    put him outside when the temp climbs into the triple digits - Dogs