December 13, 2017

How Do You Keep Dog From Eating The Cat Food And Cat From Eating The Dog Food?

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I have a cat and am planning on getting a dog. My cat loves food and has eaten from my friend’s dog food when she was visiting. I want to get a Golden Retriever and I’ve heard they’re big on eating. How would I keep the food away from one another?

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  1. squirrel girl says:

    put the cat food up where the cat can get at it but the dog cant. (My kitten feeds on top the dog crate in the back corner.)
    feed the dog, leave it there for him to eat for 15 minutes if its not all gone pick it up till the next feeding. dont give them a buffet of all the food you can eat. feed them on a scheduel atleast for the dog.

  2. Blarp says:

    Cat food goes up high where the dog can’t reach OR blocked in a room with a baby gate the cat can climb over (this is what my friend’s mom does with her zoo of four cats and two dogs.)
    Just feed the dog on a strict schedule – no free feeding, which is what causes obesity – and you won’t have to worry about the cat getting the dog’s food.

  3. Truth Hurts, Doesn't It? says:

    i have one indoor dog and one indoor cat, i leave three bowls out, one with dog food, in the middle a bowl with cool water, and on the other side a bowl of cat food, it was hard at first, but after awhile my dog learned not to eat the cat food, when i would catch her, i would say in a stern voice lady no, her name is lady

  4. Cris says:

    I keep the cat food on the cat food dining table in the basement, they have their food dish abd water and the dogs don’t mess with it at all.
    I feed my dogs 2 meals a day and they eat their food all up, I don’t like free feeding (access to food 24/7) my dogs.

  5. My ferrets are RAWsome! says:

    Keep the cat food up, give the cat a safe area it can go to eat and that the dog can’g get a. For the dog, feed it on a schedule so the food is not always down. Keep the cat out of the area when the dog is eating and you’re all set.

  6. Jackie says:

    I got a cat feeder box, they are wonderful, the cat can go in and eat and the dog can’t get into the box. I got mine from

  7. lucysmom says:

    my cat loves my dog and my dog loves my cat they share food

  8. nancy p says:

    put the cat food on a table. I do, and I call it “high – dining.” ;)

  9. jebber says:

    Keep the food bowls separated, and feed them at separate times.
    Good Luck

  10. Mike P says:

    scheduled meals.. feed them both at the same time, in separate rooms, and put food up when they are done eating.

  11. Happy Turkey Day! says:

    Make one and one in a different room.

  12. bart simpson says:

    feed them in different rooms blocking one off from the other - Dogs