December 14, 2017

How Does A Vet Perform A C-section? Where Do They Cut The Dog Open At? Can The Dog Take Care Of The Pups After

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How does a vet perform a c-section? Where do they cut the dog open at? Can the dog take care of the pups after she has a c-section? What kind of milk can a puppy eat if the mom can’t take care of it. How much and how often does a puppy need fed if the mom can’t tend to it?

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  1. Vet Tech ?'s Christmas! says:

    Vet Tech has told you about the surgery it self and what her vets do! which is excellent care!
    If for some reason mom can’t nurse the pups then yo u have to. You will need several cans or get the powdered puppy replacement milk from the vet! You will have to feed the pups every 2 hours around the clock. Either by tube feedings or by bottle. You will also have to help them eliminate their pee & poop by gently stroking their genitals until they do go.
    Not an easy job at all especially if she has a big litter.

  2. jjkk says:

    Good question!
    There are two different areas we can make the incision. One resembles a spay incision and the other is an incision we can make on either side of the b*tch.
    When preforming a Section we use a very safe anesthetic (called Sevo) so the puppies come out breathing and pink more times then not. The Sevo also allows the b*tch to wake up literally within seconds of stopping the Sevo.
    Once the b*tch “finds her face” again the first thing we do is to have her nurse the puppies. We never allow the pups or b*tch to leave without nursing first.

  3. ?Golden gal? says:

    i agree with Vet Tech and Golden Gal. at the animal hospital i work at c-sections arent a really common thing but when we do have c-section patients come in we almost always spay them, after the Cesarean section, to prevent them from having any birthing issues in the future. after the c-section is over we take the new mom over to one of our “hotel” cages to see how she reacts to the pups. we usually keep them for another day or so to make there arent any problems.

  4. Laura B says:

    couldn’t have said it better than the Vet tech
    info on this on the net isn’t as great… - Dogs