December 13, 2017

How Much Dog Food Do You Feed A Jack Russell And Rat Terrier?

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I have 2 dogs, a jack russell and a rat terrier. We used to always make sure there was food in there bowels at all times. But then the jack russell started to gain a ton of weight. Now we follow the back of the dog food bag guideline. It is premium dog food. My dogs get normal activity, but now they act like they’re starving, is this normal? My dogs are healthy otherwise.

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  1. dublebub says:

    it is normal because they were used to eating as much as they wanted because you would just leave the food dish full. they are adjusting to the restrictions. this is very normal and you dont have to worry about a thing

  2. shadowwi says:

    they act like they’re starving b/c they’re used to eating when they feel like it. i have a jack russell and she eats about a cup to a cup and a half a day and she isn’t skinny or overweight so i’d say that’s about normal.

  3. Thanks for the Yahoo Jacket says:

    Look on the bag. There is a weight chart that says what they should be getting.

  4. Debbe H says:

    I have a rat terrier & a cairn terrier. following the directions sounds like a good idea. i give my two dogs baa baa q’s or dog jerkey for treats in the morning. those with a big drink of water seem to satisfy them until i feed them. they get bil jac food in which they like better than any. so, yeah, i suggest maybe even a couple snacks during the duration of the day. maybe even try once in a while to give them wet food mixed in with the dry. it may last longer in their bodies…..

  5. aussie says:

    Dogs are usually fed by calorie count. ask your vet what the amount of calories your dog should have and then feed that amount ajusting it if the dog gains or looses weight.

  6. Demarius B says:

    you suppose to feed them 3 times a day but don’t keep food in there bowl all the time cause the get used to it and gain to much weight and get obese but they are healthy but you make sure walk them ever other day cause they are a small breed and they need to stay in shape

  7. agnes s says:

    jack russell are very active dogs. they will supstatute food as a activity. i would feed them around 1to2cups of food in the morning and about acup full at night that should be plenty. also exercise in that bread will help.let them run out side for about one hour or more a day this will tire them out an make them eat less i hope .never leave food out after meal time is over hope i was able to help..

  8. Shadow's Melon says:

    We had to go to a feeding schedule when we got a dashchund 7 years ago as with back issues, they have to be kept in proper weight or many problems can arise. My 5 yr old American Eskimo always had a dish down for her and had to adjust. They both still act as if they are starving all the time, even tho we follow the bag and vet suggestions for portioning.
    Make sure to consult your vet and read the bag as well. We also have a Border Collie puppy and the vet tells us that the portions on the bags are merely a general guide line and not always perfect for every breed. In the case of our highly active Border Collie, she actually needs a larger portion than is suggested to maintain her energy level. So your vet can gage your pets weight, take into consideration the food you use and make an educated suggestion as to how much to feed for proper health and to help you dog lose a little of the weight gained. - Dogs