December 14, 2017

How to Start Your Dog Training

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The companionship you get from your dog depends entirely on the relationship between the two of you. This relationship in turn depends on your dog’s ability to understand you. This article is about how to properly start your dog training so that you can enjoy your dog.

First Dog Training Command

The very first command you want your dog to appreciate is obedience. And the best means of achieving this is to get him to understand and obey the “Sit Down” command as soon as possible. Dog training experts recommend this as the first command to teach your dog. The “Sit down” command when obeyed calms the dog and every other command depends on it.

Dog Training Kit

Dog training, like any other training requires that you have the necessary training aids to facilitate quick results. In this case you need a dog collar, a leash and an assortment of bite-sized training goodies for encouragements and rewords.

Making Dog Training Fun for You and Your Dog

Turn each training session into fun for both of you by removing all manners of distractions and frustrations. To prepare for each session, give all your attention to the dog as you walk it on a leash for a while to release nervous energy. Expect success and exhibit happiness for each command your dog accomplishes perfectly.

As soon as you enter your chosen training location, which should be familiar to both of you, get your dog to maintain a standing position for a while holding his collar high up as you stand in front of him in an assertive pose of authority. Keep holding the collar high up to stop him from either sitting or lying down without your say-so.

Now it is time to expose the training treat, but do that while holding the leash away from him with your hand furthest from the dog while holding the treat in the hand near the dog.

Now while the dog’s attention is fully on you and the training treat, simultaneously move the treat over his head, behind his ear as you say the command “Sit”. What will likely happen is he will lower his haunches in a perfect sitting position as he tries to keep his eyes on the treat you just past over its head.

Reward Your Dog For Each Command It Obeys.

If you find that the “Sit” command was obeyed all right, reward your dog immediately. Never reward him for half sits or a sit that was not prompted by your command. Bear in mind that it will take many more sessions before your dog connects rewards with the “Sit” command.

Keep in mind to repeat the “Sit” command session for as long as it takes for you see that your dog has connected the rewards with the “Sit” command. That is when you move on to the next training session. Remember to always keep your training sessions short and your commands firm, not aggressive.

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