December 13, 2017

How To Tell What A Dog Is Thinking

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Thomas asks…

Woman Arrested For Helping A Dying Dog? Tell me, is this for real?

When I first read someone’s blog about this, I was confused because it seemed like a hoax, but I kept hunting and reading and I found it.

Please tell me if it’s a hoax, but I don’t think it is. She needs national attention, and help from some animal lovers and animal lover groups. If I knew how to help her I would. All I know to do is pass it on and hope the right person sees this to help her, if it’s not a hoax.

HOW SICK IS THIS? (SHE goes to help a dog because no one helped him in 3 days, he lay there dying. So, she goes in with a camera and gets this dog out of there to a vet and gets arrested! INSTEAD OF THE ANIMAL ABUSERS!)

What is going on in this world? I didn’t know how to help her, so I wanted to ask all of you what do you think?

Maybe if enough people respond, they will drop charges on her and arrest the criminals? Who knows in this world anymore?

admin answers:

This is discusting .. Would a petition help?? We can set one up at …. Free this lady … All she ever done was care for the dog .. Alot more than the legal owners ever did!!!

The people in charge of this should hold their heads in shame….

Charles asks…

How to tell if a dog drools?

We are looking at this puppy….
although the humane society says she is a rottie mix, we are thinking she is a Bernese mountain dog mix. She is 3 months.

I would like to know if there is any way to tell is a puppy will be a drooler? If you have any experience with the Bernese dogs or any breeding experience what is your opinion on drooling…………?

Also do any short-haired breeds drool?

admin answers:

She does look like a Berner or Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mix (I actually think that she looks more like a mis-marked Greater Swiss and she may even be purebred) . The easiest way to tell if they are going to drool is to look at their lips, and if there is a lot of extra skin than they probably will be a drooler. I have a Bernese Mountain Dog and he does not drool (Berners are not supposed to drool), and I have been around a few Greater Swissies that do drool but only a little. She does not look like she will drool, and if she does it will only be a little.

Many short hair breeds drool, like mastiffs, bullmastiffs, english bulldogs, french mastiffs, some labs and goldens, newfoundlands, and st. Bernards.

Helen asks…

How can I tell if a dog is adoptable?

In March we had to put our 14 year old chow chow down, he was the sweetest dog (truly, I know they have a bad rap). Anyway, I really miss having a dog around but I don’t know if I am ready for a new four legged friend. We were thinking of getting another chow chow but the cost is so high.. especially with all the dogs out there that need good homes. So my neighbor told me about a woman that is moving and needs to find a home for her 3 year old Sheltie ? . I am to meet her on Sunday…I am a little nervous because I do not know the breed and I really want to know more about this dog. Is there a way to tell if the animal is kind, what are some characteristics or warning signs I should look for besides the obvious?

admin answers:

I have always had chowchows myself. I bought my first and rescued my second and third from shelters.
All have had thier own unique personalities. There were some common breed traits that I became familiar with and it helped me when I had the shelter dogs. Don’t be nervous about adopting a new dog, be excited. It is wonderful that you are willing to give a dog a new home that otherwise might have end up in a kill shelter.
The dog will probably be nervous meeting you too, dogs know when something is up and as she is bonded to her owner, she may be a bit shy toward you at first.
Make sure she isn’t food agressive if you have children, you have the advantage of meeting her owner so you are ahead of the game in that respect. Ask her about the dogs general health, the dogs temperament, the dogs habits.
She will probably be able to tell you everything you need to know about the dog.
Look up the breed and it’s characteristics in a search, and then remember that these are generalities. As you know, Chows have a bad rep, but yours was a sweetie, and so has my most recent girl. The other two loved me to death, but they were a bit testy if they didn’t like someone. They never bit anyone though.
See if the dog lets you pet it without acting afraid of you.
Let the dog sniff your hand with your palm facing you and not over the dogs head. The dog might think you are going to hit it if you go above where it can see what you are doing. Let someone do some unusual things in front of the dog and see how it reacts, like have someone start hoping up and down and see if the dog acts playful or shy.
A dog that has been abusesd will not usually react to unusual behaviour without showing some obvious sign of nervousness.
I had a friend who only had shelties and she loved the breed very much. She had four, and they were beautiful, like little lassies. They would require about the same amount of grooming as a chow, which is quite a lot of brushing.
Good luck on the meeting and if it donsn’t work out, consider another chow rescue, there are so many in shelters and they don’t find homes that easily
You can go on and look up breed info for shelties on that site too.

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