December 14, 2017

How Would You Spend $8 Billion Dollars On Dog Care?

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The late Leona Helmsley instructed that $8 billion of her real estate goes to the care of dogs.
How would you spend her money for the dogs of America?
She already left $12 million to her own dog. Serious answers and NO the money cannot be spent for personal expenses

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  1. greekman says:

    We have children dying on the streets or starvation and some people want to spend money on their dogs like that.
    So much for any humanity left in us as humans!

  2. hally_so says:

    There is no answer for this. Leona Helmsley loved her dogs to be sure, but that’s because she could control their behavior, and they loved her back no matter her behavior. She obviously had “people” difficulties and psycho-social problems with underlying control issues. Even with round the clock care of vets, groomers, walkers, etc, they could not spend it for the dog’s lifetime. Even if it contracted cancer or lost a leg, the care would not cost that much. I can only hope that when the dog passes on, the money will at least go a good canine society to rescue other dogs that have not been that fortunate in life –if the people who control and care for the dog have not abused their fiduciary responsibility so that there is nothing left.

  3. Memphis Belle says:

    I would purchase a really large piece of land, build a modern dog friendly large no kill shelter
    It would have a vet hospital/surgery/grooming on site, for the dogs in my care and for all the local residents in the area to use free of charge for their dogs.
    Also have an excellent dog training and behaviourist centre on site, again for the dogs in rescue and for residents in the local area.
    Once the first one was up and running, I would establish a second one in another state…..
    Some of the money would be invested wisely to help run the established shelters, so more could be built. The object would be to spay/neuter free of charge as many canines as possible and keep as many dogs out of kill shelters as possible.

  4. szenehau says:

    Dogs are very important save lives, visit nursing homes and hospitals to cheer up the old and ill. They are devoted to families and make life worth living without them we would be lost.
    1. I would make sure there were genetic studies to prevent cancer, etc. but it would not be experimenting on animals
    but through other means.
    2. Make it possible that every unwanted dog would have a home and offer free clinic to spray and neuter dogs that were not used by responsible breeders.
    3. Stop the puppy mills from mass producing dogs for profit.

  5. garbaibi says:

    Hmmm.. I’d buy a huge huge land estate, like 1500 acres. With tall big thick gates around it. THEN it would make the mansion built only for dogs, like a pound palace, one story, with 1000 rooms, each room about the size of a masterbedroom of a regular house. with 15 beds in each room. each room is has easy access to outside. The puppies will have there own rooms too. They are going to eat in there own rooms too, big bowls, with a special diet for each one.
    THEN outside
    there would be 1/5 of the land as the poop area, WHERE there are workers who come in once a day and scoop away.
    the next 1/5 is a big pond, incase they want to go swimming.
    the next 2/5 are just grass and dirt to run around it with dog toys all over the place.
    The other 1/5 is just the house.
    Then i’d pick all the dogs out of all the shelters.
    And I’d stick these in every state, hire the right people to take care, untill all the monies run out.
    and i would spay and neuter them

  6. Mary says:

    Neuter and spaying for everyone. Then more volunteers to walk and play w/the incarcerated dogs. Also they could be put in the prisons for the inmates to train for service dogs. I have seen a program on this and it works. Just need more of it. Good for the dogs and the in mates……save more dogs. Good clean passing of time for the guys.
    You can’t let dogs run loose on acres of ground or estates….there would be a blood bath. There will always be some dogs that don’t like another…..and a battle to the death could ensue. And cleaning up the poop would have to be done hourly….not daily. I wish everyone on this site could spend a wk at a kennel. there would be a lot more understanding of what they are talking about.

  7. Dont Litter Fix Your Critter says:

    I’d set up more low cost spay and neuter/healthcare facilities for low income families. Then I’d put about 300 people through school to work at the low cost clinics… and make them sign a contract to work for my clinics for quite a few years…. i’d invest in more advertising encouraging people to adopt/volunteer/foster the dogs already in the shelters/pounds… as well as advertising for the spay/neuter benefits…. what a really tough question! that’s tough to come up with on the spot… if it was a term paper or something i know i could have more time to think about it and write my thoughts/ideas out more eloquently lol..

  8. birdgirl says:

    Neuter and spay programs!! - Dogs