December 14, 2017

I Have A Small Dog Care Business, Do You Know How To Get Me More Noticed By The Community?

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ok so its called Alexa’s Dog Care and I need a lot of people to come because last year only one person called and came so yeah..please provide me with some answers!

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  1. hu_hu_co says:

    You know, there was a lady that bought all the soccer shirts last year for my son’s soccer team .. I didn’t know she also owned a dog grooming business until she did that.
    Those kids wore them at every game which had three different fields and she got a TON of advertising!
    about 12 kids on the team at about $10 a shirt (which was a tax deduction for the business) .. if you look, maybe the shirts could be cheeper ?? I dont know, anyway I thought it was a great idea .. if not soccer, do baseball or some other kids event ..
    Good luck!

  2. hu_hu_co… says:

    A good marketing plan is needed.
    Buy some small business marketing books.
    As far as flyers are concerned, you can design and print them yourself very inexpensively at
    I do all my marketing myself for my small business. I see business gains of 25% per year.
    Email me if you need some help.

  3. jamgirl4 says:

    Advertising! any form is helpful. Go out out and put some posters. Have a street party and encourage people to bring their dogs. Remember that you have to spend money to make money. Try sponsoring a sports team. Get on the local radio and get them to promote your buisness. It’s all about getting people to remember your company’s name.

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