December 13, 2017

I Want To Start A Business Doing Dog Care And Light Gardening And Am Wondering If This Could Be Prosperous ?

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Maybe I would need to know the areas that are financially able to have this servcice.

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  1. smc5041 says:

    There are many jobs you could do involving working with or being around dogs.
    I just think that, just like with any other business, it requires some reseach and analysis of your own possibilities and the competition that is already active in your area.
    Reading some books can give you a pretty good idea of what the job entails on a daily basis and how you can get started.

  2. Molossers I says:

    This type of work tends to be more a labor of love than a real money maker. For example, regular dog walking. If you have to drive to the person’s house, and walk the dog for 45 minutes, a reasonable cost to the owner might be $10. But that means only $10 an hour for you. Many owners can’t afford $50 a week to have their dog walked, but you need 8 or 9 of those every day to make any money at all.
    Unless you have access to very upscale neighborhoods, finding clients who can afford regular services may be difficult

  3. marci knows best says:

    Well there’s a few out there, maybe you could be cheaper, what about a dog hotel, so people can leave their dogs with you when they go on holiday and you can maintain their garden.

  4. oh tres naturel says:

    Great idea if you can train the dogs to do your garden digging and weeding! - Dogs