December 14, 2017

If Dog Food Is Bad For Dogs Than What Should We Feed Them?

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I just ask a question on what food dogs can’t eat and there was a long list, practically almost everything.
I am planning to get a dog and want to know everything I can.

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  1. Cupids Flower says:

    Many people decide to cook at home for their pets, which is being suggested by many vets. There has been an uproar about what dogs are allergic to.
    I read an article about Golden Retrievers. It said that Goldens can be sensitive to corn, wheat and soy. Their food consists of wheat, so basically, many Golden Retrievers were having problems that could be easily avoided.
    “People food” has turned out to be OK for dogs, but not too much. But of course, stay away from chocolate etc.
    As I said, many people have turned to cooking for their dogs.
    Best of Luck! :o )

  2. Sunshine G says:

    Dog food is a controversial subject that causes a lot of conflict of opinions. There is no right or wrong, and really the “best” food is what works for your dog. One dog may thrive on a certain food while another dogs terrible on it. Does this make the food good or bad? of course, the food is great for the dog who thrives on it and bad for the dog who does terrible on it.
    My personal opinion is that dogs are carnivores and a low quality dry dog food that contains a minimal amount of meat and is full of grains, fillers and additives is NOT a suitable diet for a canine. A suitable diet in the ideal world would be whole raw foods, but for the average dog and owner a high quality dry food will have to do.
    While this is not always strictly true, generally you get what you pay for with dog foods.
    Anything by these brands; Eagle Pack, Canidae, Timberwolf Organics, California Natural, Innova, Solid Gold and Chicken Soup For the Pet Lovers Soul are high quality foods. Even some of the brands you can get in places such as PetSmart (Natural Balance, Nutro, etc.) are ok.
    Avoid junk like Pedigree, Science Diet, Beneful, Ol’Roy, etc.
    Good luck!

  3. trickste says:

    Dog food is not bad for goods. I have two dogs and i give them a mixture of dry/wet dog food and sometimes scraps. Be carefull what dog food you buy in the supermarket.
    You need a good quality food that has the nutrients dogs need. As i said, your vet will help you here.

  4. dfascian says:

    Just go to your pet supply shop and buy a good holistic dog food, such as Canidae, Innova, Innova Evo, Wellness, or California Natural.
    These premium brands actaully cost LESS per month to feed, as you are not paying for dog poop ( fillers) by the pound.

  5. Chetco says:

    try dog food

  6. askkate2 says:

    do you have a petsmart or something similar near you? you can go on line too. Look some of the foods up. I get my dog food from petmsart and my dogs are real healthy. They have 3 or 4 good brands there and they also carry some of the other more popular brands you see in the grocery store too.
    I’m glad you want to know everything. Also be aware that having a dog is a life time commitment. You can never leave the dog at the pound, they put them to sleep. this can be more of a resposibility that even a child because dogs cannot live in most appartment buildings so you must be able to own your own home. There is a lot of details you must work out before you get a dog. they aren’t just pets, they are family.

  7. NANCY J says:

    Dog food is not bad for dogs, there is just poor quality and high quality brands out there and a lot that are in between. Stay away from stuff like Kibbles N’ Bits… that’s one of the worst because corn is the first ingredient. Best thing to do is talk to your vet, they will help you pick out a good choice.

  8. MC BC says:

    dogs used to feed themselves before we decided to kidnap them

  9. harvey whippleman says:

    Most dog food is fine, there are a lot of choices out there, why don’t you ask you vet for their recommendation. My dog had normal dog food in the morning and then just eat what ever were having in the evening, meat, vegetables (with exceptions). They are scavengers and all through history ate whatever their masters ate. Mine lived a happy and health 19 years.

  10. budgie says:

    On all the dog and cat food that was taken off the shelves… the key words here are ***taken off*** they all had dates attached to the product as well..
    At this time, all large chain stores are watching this immediately and the item or items are pulled immediately.
    Most of it was the canned or pouched foods with the gravy or the beef jerky treats.
    H.O.T. Dog
    Handler Owner Trainer of GSD’s
    Member U.S.A- MSSV – A.W.D.F

  11. H.O.T. Dog says:

    It is perfectly fine for dogs to eat dog food as long as you get a good brand. Try to avoid ones to with to much preservatives and other unnatural products.
    If you really do not wish to feed your dog , dog food then you can try home-made recipes and just put in some vitamins from your local vet ( never use human medication on animals).

  12. muttmadm says:

    Dog feed is ****NOT*****”bad”!!!
    You’ve been to listening to hysterical bunny-huggers,the media-frenzy *&* SALESMEN,haven’t you?
    Well, STOP IT!!!
    ANY decent brand of DRY***ADULT*** feed is FINE!!! - Dogs