December 13, 2017

I’m Just A 6th Grader And I Want To Start My Own Dog Care Business, What Supplies Should I Use?

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I already have the name, some money, some fliers, and a brief business plan. Can some body please help me choose what other supplies I may need???

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  1. melissal says:

    I’m sorry but like some other answerers. I would not trust a child in 6th grade with my dogs either.
    For a number of reasons:
    - Not physically developed enough (tall, strong etc.) to handle some larger or stronger dogs.
    - Not as much experience in training or dog behaviour
    - Between September and June you will be in school for about 8 hours per day, which is when a lot of people would want their dogs to be looked after.
    - Depending on where you are, you would have to get a number of permits to be legally able to run this business
    - You would need a large fenced in yard with kennels if you are looking after more than one dog at a time
    There’s just too many factors.
    And trust me, not many people will go for it, I’ll admit that when I was that age I wanted to do the same thing, it just doesn’t work.
    Why don’t you try and volunteer to help out at a local kennel or doggy daycare?

  2. Secretnessessess girl says:

    first you must be organised
    you must have potty bags (i also kept shovels they are alot easier to pick up the ickies)
    maybe if you bathe them some brushes ans shampoos and stuff
    have treats at the ready
    and i think you should be pretty good
    and if you really want to be super professional try making or getting buissness cards
    also have leashes and collars
    maybe some dishes
    and dog food

  3. More Bored Collie says:

    How do you figure you are able to have a successful business at that age? Are you going to be insured in case of some emergency? If not, how will you pay a dog owner if you are sued? If there is an emergency, how can you get the animals to the vet? You are not old enough to drive! It’s great that you are thinking about a business, but there is much more too it than buying some supplies and sitting around watching an animal.

  4. HaWkDriV says:

    Well, you will need food, (a lot of it) for dogs, birds, and cats. Get the plain kind, as in the cheapest. If they want their pets to eat certain food, the owners will bring it themselves. Get bowls for all types of pets too. I recommend starting with two of each kind, make sure to get a water and a food dish. Get a few kennels, beds, and cages, but don’t get a lot because owners usually bring their own. Also get a few leashes and collars. Also get a pooper scooper and a few cleanup bags. You will also need basic cheap shampoo, again if they want their dogs using something else, they will bring it. Also get some cheap toys, they will need to be played with. Also a place to record every pet’s needs would help a lot. Good luck!

  5. Nobody.i says:

    dont listen to them u can be a young antepernuer
    you will need towels.(for the baby to come out)
    a big cage
    puppy pillows
    baby puppys chew toys
    maybe mix the breeds like mine is yorkie/chiuhaha
    and full yorkie and i sell them for 150-250 each
    and pppl pay for them serioulsy
    o im in 7th grade and im 12 and i make around 8,00 a month or even more is hard cause you have to keep cose eye when the mom is prego so she wont mis carry or hurt them and when they deliver they will need lots of help and just take time its fun and easy
    if u need more ? email me @ are

  6. Natashia J says:

    arent you kind of young for your own business?
    anyway, bowls, for food and water, leashes, toys, dog beds, those dog gates.
    how many dogs?
    where at?

  7. hi says:

    you cannot start a business at that age..
    i would not trust a 6 grader with my dogs.. sorry,, wait til you are older

  8. AUSSIEMO says:

    animal brushes shampoo a dog bath but u mostly need is somewere to do that all

  9. True:) says:

    im in 6th grade to i would get bowls toys treats and leash - Dogs