December 13, 2017

Initial Dog Training Tricks You Should Know

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There are various tricks you can teach your dog. Some of these tricks are really basic commands. There are also very complex exercises that you can teach your dog too.

However, what level of tricks you teach your dog will depend on what you know or who supplies you with the tricks. The location where the dog training takes place is very important too. It has to be a quiet place without distractions for both of you. Of course, this is to ensure that your dog learns each dog training trick effectively.

How Long Does It Take To Do A Complete Dog Training?

Well, dog training requires patience on your part. Remember that your dog is an animal, not a human being. The intervals between trainings should not be too short or longer than necessary.

Dog training experts believe that it makes it harder for your dog to imbibe the tricks when being pushed too hard to learn them. Always stop when you find that your dog’s attention to training is no longer 100%

“Hello” or “Hand Shake” Starter Dog Training Tricks:

Most dog trainers advise dog owners to begin with the “Hand Shake” or “Hello” trick. To teach your dog this trick begins by making the dog sit down in front of you. Then say “Hello” as you gradually take up its paw while shaking it.

Follow this up with a reward. With repetitions the dog will eventually connect the “Hello” and Hand shake” with the rewards, and so will become used to shaking hands with you and your acquaintances who stretch their hands to him with a Hello.

The “Carry” Command Trick

The “Carry” command trick is as funny as it is useful, you know. You see, dogs love carrying bags so don’t get under the impression that it will be difficult to teach your dog the “Carry trick”. It is one of the easiest dog tricks you can teach your dog. Begin with first step of teaching it to “Hold” things. Let it not choose what to hold. Teach your dog to hold just about anything it can. Reward it immediately it takes an object from you.

The “Release Command Trick

As soon as your dog appreciates the “Hold” command you have to teach it the “Release” command. Take it easy now, the “Release order must not sound threatening but firm. Look directly at the object the dog is holding as you stretch your hand to receive it from him.

In conclusion, your dog is not supposed to understand all the tricks as fast as you might expect. You need to be resilient with your dog training and only move on to the next level after your dog has mastered a particular trick.

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