December 13, 2017

Is A Rabbit Harder To Take Care Of Than A Dog?

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I’m planning on adopting a rabbit from a local shelter, and I was wondering if rabbits are harder to take care of than dogs. I have a dog and she’s been taken care of very well. I know how to take care of rabbits, but I just want to know if it’s time consuming/hard to take care of one.

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  1. cuddles says:

    Well it depends. If you dog is potty trained and medium sized then the rabbit is harder. Rabbits are harder because they poop A LOT! And it really stinks! If you are willing to buy a big cage and keep it in your house or yard and clean the cage about 5 times a year then your fine.
    If you buy 2 rabbits then there is a good chance that their gonna have like 5 ~10 baby’s.
    I would get one though! Because you have experience with animals.
    ! GOOD LUCK!

  2. Manami says:

    i think rabbits do take more work because you have to clean the cage which is hard because sometimes they dont cooperate, and i f you have outdore rabbits than yo will have a huge prob in the winter, i had to find something to put up and then i had to make sure they were warm and then feed them give them water and put new hay in. im not gonna say rabbits are bad pets but i do think they are more work

  3. Dfjaasfd says:

    nah rabbits dont require alot of human contact..just make sure the rabbit has fresh food, water and bedding..
    my daughter has a dwarf rabbit that she keeps in a cage in the house and she buys it toys to occupy its time…
    she pets it, holds it and lets it roam every once in a while…
    they arent demanding animals and are easy to care for..

  4. Robert H says:

    They poop alot more than dogs but you dont have to walk them so i think they would probably be easier but either way you seem like you will take good care of it

  5. $TWO$ says:

    No. Rabbits are easy to care of. And there adorable.

  6. Arthur says:

    No not at all you feed them once a day in the morning refill there water everyday and clean out there pin once a week - Dogs