December 14, 2017

Is It Legal For Landlord To Add By Hand Writing That I Also Have To Take Care And Walk His Dog Too?

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It’s a texas home rental lease. Do I have to honor the dog care? It was not a part of the original lease, he hand wrote it in.

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  1. Dorothy B says:

    If you have the same hand written claus on your lease and you have initialled it beside his, then it is in the lease that you agreed to walk his dog. But if he just wrote it in his copy of the lease and you did not initial it then no it is not legal and you do not have to walk his dog.
    Anything you agree to concerning the lease should be dealt with when you are going over and signing the lease for the first time. If there are to be any additions, they should be put on separate paper, with copies for each of you that are dated and signed by both and that you then staple into your lease for safe keeping.
    So,,, bottom line….. if you do not have the same thing in copy of your lease with both signatures beside it then he has nothing to stand on, and you have no dog to walk.

  2. hamrrfan says:

    If he added it after you signed the lease it would not be binding.
    In general handwritten clauses can be added to a contract. The usual practice would be for the parties affected to sign or at least initial the clause to show that both parties are aware of and agree to the new condition. Often it is dated also.

  3. deonejua says:

    A contract is two copies, signed and witnessed. Is the handwriting on both copies?
    Personally, I would say you are lucky if you are allowed to keep a dog in a rent house. You will have to talk this over with the landlord to change anything.

  4. Not I says:

    Did you sign the lease before or after the addition. If you signed it after the hand written addition then you are bound to abide by it. If
    your copy does not have the addition then tell him to walk his own dog - Dogs