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Jack Russel Terrier

jack russel terrier

The Jack Russell terrier is part clown, part Acrobat, part hunter all rolled into one fun family pet. The breed was developed in England in 1800's by a man named, of all things, Jack Russell. This member of the terrier group is an active little dog bred to hunt small game such as Fox. Jack Russell terriers were commonly used on English hunts and therefore excell at agility, tracking and hunting.

Breed Specifics
On the small side of the medium-sized dogs, the Jack Russell is an athletic dog with a compact body. There are three types of coats wire haired, smooth and broken. This dog is very active, but does make a great family pet as long as he is exercised and trained properly.
Height: 10 to 12 inches (males)
Weight: 14-18 pounds
Longevity:15 years

Active and perky, the Jack Russell terrier features almond shaped eyes and ears that fold forward on his mostly white colored body. The tails are typically docked and carried high.
Colors: The Jack Russell has a mostly white body with markings on the head and tail area. Acceptable colors for markings are brown, tan and reddish black.

The Jack Russell Terrier is an active dog, obedient but mischievous and absolutely fearless. He can be a bit of a clown and likes to play games and we'll get along well with children who treat him with respect. They are very smart, but have a mind of their own so training can be bit of a chore. You need to be firm with your Jack Russell if you want him to be an obedient pet. Training and socialization are important because the Jack Russell can be aggressive with other dogs. Their strong hunting instincts can cause them to dig and they may not be good house pets with small animals. They must be kept occupied or become bored and get into trouble. Walking your Jack Russell terrier is important, but it might not be a good idea to let them off the leash and they are very quick and can jump and climb over fences.

Health Issues
The Jack Russell terrier breed is prone to dislocated knee caps and may also have certain eye diseases.

This breed needs a lot of exercise but can live find an apartment as long as his activities numerous. This is not a dog to the left to his own devices and is recommended for family that can pay a lot of attention to it. The Jack Russell excels at agility, and this might be a great family activity for you to enjoy with your dog. It's

This dog is fairly easy to groom and only needs to be brushed every couple of days or so and bathed on an as needed basis.

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