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The Keeshond may look like an overgrown Pomeranian and it's no wonder since it is an arctic Spitz type dog whose ancestors include the Chow Chow, the Samoyed, the Elkhound and the Pomeranian. during the French Revolution this dog was the symbol of the common Dutch man but it wasn’t until 1920 when this dog became popular in the United States.

Breed Specifics
Alert and intelligent as medium dog has a compact build in a long luxurious coat. A great family dog, the Keeshond gets along well with children and other animals. They are easily trained when treated gently and full of personality.
Height: 17-19 inches (males)
Weight: 55-65 pounds
Longevity:12-15 years

The Keeshond has alert eyes, traingular ears that sit erect and a medium tail that rolls onto its back. this dog has a beautiful coat which consists of a light undercoat and a longer outer coat which is grayish with black tips. The Keeshond is an affectionate friendly dog that makes a great family pet.
Colors: The undercoat can be either a cream or light gray and the outer coat is gray of different shades with black at the tips. eyes and nose are dark.

The Keeshond is friendly and outgoing as well as lively alert and active. If you train him gently and consistently he will learn quickly. Most Keeshonds get along well with children and other dogs but some just like in any breed may be shy and will require socialization at an early age. Keeshonds make pretty good watchdogs and love to be part of every family activity.

Health Issues
Keeshonds can be prone to heart disease and also can develop skin problems. This breed is also prone to canine hip dysplasia.

Keeshonds need moderate exercise, perhaps an afternoon walk each day or an hour-long romp in the park on the weekends. This breed be fairly active indoors as well.

With that beautiful coat the Keeshond does need daily brushing with a stiff brush. be sure to get down deep to the undercoat. Dry shampoo as needed and may be a trip to the groomer for a real bath every six months or so. This dog does shed heavily in the spring and fall.

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