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The Komondor

The Komondor is a descent of Tibetan dogs and was brought to Hungary about a 1,000 years ago by nomadic Magyars to guard their flocks of sheep and today it is still used for this purpose. Although the breed spread throughout the world it is only since the beginning of the 1920’s that the breed began to appear at dog shows. Generally the Komondor enjoys living outdoors no matter what the weather is like and in the USA they are primarily used to guard the home or as a companion as well as guarding livestock.

Breed Specifics
The Komondor is part of the AKC Working group.
Height: 25.5 inches and upward
Weight: Up to 125 pounds
Longevity: 10-12 years

The Komondor is a massive dog who body is totally covered in a felted and corded coat which grows between 8-11 inches in length. This coat allows the dog to blend in well with the sheep that it is protecting and the other coat fuses with the undercoat to form a felt that hangs in long cords. Sometimes it can take up to 2 years for the cords to form completely and up to 5 years for the coat to reach its desired length. Both the head and muzzle are large although rather short and the eyes are dark brown and it has u-shaped ears which hang down to blend in with the rest of the coat. The bone structure of a Komondor is large also and has a very strong scissor bite.
Colour: White

Though the Komondor is very sensitive to the desires of his owner they can be very stubborn and unhappy if they are treated heavily handed when being trained. Whilst the Komondor is very reserved with those he does not know he is very demonstrative with his love and is completely devoted to his family and his charges and will defend them. He also very vigilant, courageous and very faithful to those he considers to be his family.

Health Issues
The only really health concerns that Komondor’s suffer from is hip displaysia, bloating and skin problems.

A Komondor prefers to live in a clean country environment where he have extensive daily exercise and may survive in an apartment as long as he receives sufficient exercise. They are also suited to living in any sort of climate as they have been specifically bred to spend large amounts of time outdoors in all kinds of weather. However this dog can be extremely lazy and will sleep and rest for hours on end if it wishes.

The coat of a Komondor must never be brushed or combed and needs to be trimmed regularly. However this breed does need to be bathed a lot and it will take a long time for it to dry but an upside of this breed is that it sheds very little if any hair.

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