December 13, 2017

Learn More about the Basset Hound Breed

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A lot of people don’t know that the Basset Hound is a type of dog that is short legged and is a part of the hound family. This type of dog is also known to be a scent hound. This type of dog breed is usually, 2nd to the line of the bloodhound for its excellent sense of smell which makes them used for tracking needs. The basset hounds are known as a French lineage and it is also delivered by some descendant of the St. Hubert’s hound which is alike to the present day bloodhound. The Friars of St. Hubert’s Abbey during the medieval France looks for a short legged dog because they want a dog that is more capable of going underneath the bushes in the thick forests whenever they will go hunting. The basset hounds and the St. Hubert’s hound were bred to help them and not to kill them.

The basset hound’s height is usually 13-15 inches and the weight of it is typically 50-70lbs. their short hair and smooth coats are their best assets. The bassets are usually tricolor as it is composed of red, white and spots of red or solid read with their white teed and talk. There are also times when these basset hounds can be in color grey or blue but typically, this is rare and unwanted by a lot of dog breeders.

They have long ears and face that is downward. Their powerful necks and loose skins around their heat can form wrinkles which make up their distinct look. Their tails are tampered and long and their standing on a curve manner. Their hanging skin structure is what they are known for because it makes them look sad even if they are not. A lot of people find this type of dog breed as very charming. Their loose and elastic skin around the neck area is also called the dewlap and their ear helps them track the scent of what they are looking for.

The Basset Hounds belongs to the larger type of dogs with short legs. They were formerly bread by the French in a dwarfism manner that is why you can see them in a very short appearance, but this is what makes people deceived by their look. But being short is not a disadvantage because their long body enables them to reach for the things they want to reach just the same as other dogs can do. The basset hound is also known for being friendly. They always want to embrace any opportunity in socializing and making new friends too.

They are known to be one of the best pets for families with kids. Basset hounds are not a loner; they don’t want to be alone that is why you are obliged to get another dog if you have a basset hound at home. They love to eat but they are less energetic compared to other dog breeds. If they were given an opportunity, they will surely exercise since this type of dog also loves activities such as playing and walking. You can take them along with you every morning for a walk.

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