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The Fluffy Loveable Maltese

This dog was first described the Greek philosopher Theophrastus as being part of the “Melita” breed (an archaic name for Malta). It was developed in Italy and this lively little dog is believed to have first been brought to England by Crusaders when returning from the Mediterranean. The Maltese breed particularly became popular with women who can carry them in the sleeves of their dresses or even in their beds. However, the Maltese is not only an adored pet for many people they are also one of the most sought after of show dogs.
Breed Specifics
The Maltese is part of the AKC Toy Group and was admitted to the American Kennel Club in 1888.

Height: 8-10 inches
Weight: 6 - 9 pounds
Longevity: 15 years or more

The Maltese is a hardy little companion dog which has luxurious silky white coat that hangs straight to the ground. The coat is single and is made of shiny thick heavy hair which is about 8 inches long. Both the long pendant ears and tail are thickly covered with hair and the tail drapes over the dogs back. They have round large dark eyes which a dark rim. The body is slightly longer than the height of the breed and the topline should be level. Although the Maltese is a fine boned breed it is still a very sturdy little dog .
Colors: White, Light Ivory is also acceptable.

The Maltese is a very lively, spirited and playful breed but is also gentle, loving and is totally devoted to its owner. They are highly intelligent and are good at learning tricks. They are also very bold and quick to sound the alarm if they hear any suspicious noises. Maltese dogs are happy with other animals but they may become snappish and difficult to housetrain.

Health Issues
The Maltese is prone to sunburn along the hair parting as well as some suffering from either skin, respiratory, eye and tooth problems along with a slipped stifle.

The Maltese is happy living in apartment and they are very active indoors, but there is not need for a yard. It is best if they are taking for regular walks as they remain playful well into old age. In fact little effort is required to keep this breed of dog well exercised.

The Maltese must however be combed and brushed on a daily basis and the eyes should be cleaned daily (in some cases the owners of a Maltese will tie the hear on top of the head in order to keep it out of the animals eyes) and they should be cleaned around the mouth after each meal. They can be bathed or dry shampooed regularly. The Maltese’s ears should be cleaned and any hair growing inside the ear canal should be pulled out. A very good asset of this breed is they shed little or no hair.

Maltese - Complete Pet Owners Manual

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