December 14, 2017

My Friend And I Started A Business With Dog Care?

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Me and my friend, started a business on dog, cat, fish, and rodent care. Any suggestions? and by the way, we only do it on a few streets

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  1. eyeare3e says:

    Do you have insurance in case one of the pets in your care becomes ill or dies? That’s a serious question and not meant to put down your endeavour but in today’s society people sue at the drop of a hat.

  2. James H says:

    MY FRIEND AND I STARTED A BUSINESS WITH DOG CARE?? <<<<<<<<<<< thats not a question! hope your business fails….

  3. xo_holli says:

    dont charge to much the first couple months.
    then friends will recomend you for being cheap and experienced.
    then you can charge more, cause they will expect a lower bill. - Dogs