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Papillon - Charming and Vivacious

The Papillon is one of the oldest breeds of dog around and has a recorded history that goes back nearly 700 years in Europe. Originally the breed was known as the Espaneul Nain or Dwarf Spaniel and had spaniel type dropped ears. But from the 13th to 15th centuries the breed became known as the Continental Toy Spaniel (or on some occasions just as the Toy Spaniel). In fact the breeds development has been well recorded through it depiction in paintings during the Renaissance period. This little hard dog acquired its name as the breed developed its distinctive erect ears as they seem to resemble the wings of a butterfly and Papillon is the French word for butterfly.

Breed Specifics
The Papillon is part of the AKC Toy group and was admitted to the American Kennel Club in 1935.
Height: 8-11 inches
Weight: 7-10 pounds
Longevity: Up to 16 years

The Papillon has a tail which is long and plumed and is carried curled over its back. It has a long lustrous coat and the butterfly shaped ears are carried either erect or drooping those with drop ears are known as the Phalene Papillon (Moth). It has a well defined white nose band and the eyes provide it with an alert and intelligent expression. The muzzle of a Papillon is short and a bit pointed.
Color: White with patches of colour.

The Papillon is a friendly and intelligent dog that is tougher than it looks and loves to be outdoors. It can also be a very gentle and affectionate dog as well as being lively, vivacious and charming to those it meets. As well as being playful and amusing the Papillon can also be calm, patient, gentle and dignified. Although some bloodlines can be nervous and high strung as well as being timid most are steady and obedient dogs. Unfortunately they can be a bit aggressive towards other dogs.

Health Issues
The Papillon is prone to problems with the patella (kneecaps) in their hind legs and this may sometimes be corrected using surgery. Sometimes a Papillon may suffer from Fontanel (opening to the top of the skull) and this sometimes corrects itself, but if it does not then the dog will need protection. Whilst some Papillon’s may have problems when they are anesthetized.

Although the Papillon is happy living in the city they sometimes do not make good apartment dogs as they have a strong instinct to protect their property and may bark excessively when they hear noises close by. Although these are playful little dogs they do not get unduly stressed if they are confined to a home for days at the time, but like any other dog they do benefit from having a regular exercise regime.

The Papillon’s long silky single coat needs to be combed and brushed daily and this breed of dog is usually clean and odorless. If you need to you should bathe or dry shampoo them. It is important they their nails are kept clipped and their teeth are regularly cleaned (they tend to accumulate tartar easily). The Papillon is an average shedder and the coat does not become matted or tangled.

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