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The Fabulous Pug - A Perky Pet

The fabulous Pug is one of the oldest dog breeds around and is believed to have been around before 400 BC in Asia. During the Sixteenth Century the Pug became a fashionable adornment for those in the European Courts and it reached its peak of popularity in Victorian times.

Breed Specifics
The Pug is part of the AKC Toy group and was admitted to the American Kennel Club in 1885.
Height: 10-14 inches
Weight: 13-20 pounds
Longevity: Between 12 to 15 years

The usual body shape of a Pug is normally square, thickset, stock and compact and that has a sleek soft coat which comes in a number of different colours. They also have a short flat black muzzle whilst their ears have a velvety feel to them. A Pug with rose shaped ears are preferred and those which have moles on their cheeks are often referred to as their beauty spots. The eyes of the Pug are prominent and very expressive with a dark lustrous sheen to them. A Pug’s back should be short and the topline should be level and the tail should lie in a tight curl or it should have a tail which has a double curl. When walking they have a jaunty rolling gait which is distinctive in this breed and is caused by their limbs being straight and strong.
Color: Apricot, Fawn, Black, Silver

The fablous Pug dog breed is very perky, but is also loyal, affectionate and loving with a happy disposition. Not only are they playful and charming but they can be clever and mischievous as well. They may be willful at times and as they are highly intelligent become easily bored with repetitive training. They are happy in the company of other dogs and pets and will behave superbly around both children and visitors to your home. However what should be remembered about a Pug is they like lots of attention and become quite jealous if their owner ignores them.

Health Issues
The Pug is prone to catching colds easily as well as being prone to allergies and because of the short muzzle they can also suffer from chronic breathing problems. Their delicate eyes are prone to weeping and they may suffer from inflammation of the cornea or ulcers on the cornea. This breed should not be overfed as they will often eat more than is good for them and will quickly become obese thus shortening their life span. In some cases the Pug may also suffer with skin problems.

The fabulous Pug is a great dog for those who live in an apartment and are relatively inactive whilst indoors. Because they dislike hot or cold weather they should be kept indoors at a temperature that is comfortable for them. But providing them with regular exercise is important in order for them to stay healthy.

The coat of a Pug because it is short and smooth is easy to care for although they do shed heavily seasonally and it should be brushed and combed with a firm bristle brush. You should only shampoo them when it is absolutely necessary and they should be dried quickly after they have been bathed. The creases around a Pugs face should be cleaned on a regular basis.

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