December 14, 2017

Rottweiler Training Tips : What You MUST Do To Train Yours Properly

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Proper Rottweiler training is essential if you want to have a good dog because Rotties can have a tendency to want to be the leader of the pack and it is critical that you break him of this or you will find the dog is running the house!

rottweiler training tipsLuckily, training a Rottweiler is a matter of following a few simple steps and being consistent. Just like any other dog, yours wants to be a good dog, you just have to figure out how to let him succeed at that.

Rottweiler Training Tips

One of the most important things in training Rottweiler’s is to start to establish yourself as the alpha when they are young. You can do this by turning him over on his back as often as you can and rubbing his belly while praising him all the while. This is a submissive posture for our dog and will help to establish your role as the leader.

In nature, the alpha dog is the one that controls everything about the pack, including the food. So, you want to start as early as possible to take the food from your dog (or your dog from the food) for a few minutes during feeding. Just pull him away or take the dish away for a few seconds to let him know that you control the food.

Another thing you should do when training Rottweiler’s is to let your Rottweiler know that you are the Alpha dog by having a staring contest with him and be sure the he looks away first. The Alpha dog never looks away first so make sure that when your dog looks at you, you hold his gaze until he looks away.

Why Rottweiler Training Is Important

You’ve probably heard horror stories about Rottweiler’s maiming someone’s small dog or child but the truth is that a well trained dog would never do those things. It’s not so much about the Rottweiler breed, but more about the owners who did not know how to go about training a Rottweiler.

A properly trained Rottweiler will be a pleasure to be around and you won’t have to worry about him eating your slippers or peeing on the rug or maiming your neighbors. All it takes is a little bit of time, patience and persistence.

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Basic Commands Your Rottweiler Must Know

When it comes to dog training there are a few basic commands that every dog should know. These are the basis for all other commands and tricks and will help you keep control of your dog and keep your dog safe.

The first thing when training a Rottweiler is to teach the sit command. That’s because once he has learned this, you can use it to stop him from doing all sorts of unwanted things like jumping or running off.

The second command which is important is the “drop it” command. This will allow you to keep your dog from eating some tasty morsel he finds while you are out on a walk which might not be good for him (and also comes in handy if he has a cat or small dog in his mouth!).

Once your dog has the basics, you can branch out and teach him all kinds of other things, but the biggest part of training Rottweiler’s is establishing yourself as the alpha dog in the beginning so that he can be trained by you easily.

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