January 16, 2018

All About Beagles

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Beagles were first used for hunting but over time have been kept as pets. The popularity of beagles can be linked to the fact that they are quite small and have excellent personalities. To discover more about these fantastic little dogs, read on.

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  • The beagle is part of the hound group and is similar in appearance to the foxhound apart from their size. Bred for hunting use, the beagle would stay on the scent of a small animal like a rabbit or a hare for several miles at a time.
  • Only bloodhounds have better noses than beagles and their sensitivity to smell is amongst the best in the animal kingdom. This is one of the reasons why they were so popular as hunting dogs.
  • Beagles are very energetic dogs that can remain active for hours at a time. Owners therefore need to be prepared to give their dogs lots of exercise. Despite their high energy levels though, a beagle is also happy to spend more of the day being lazy. It’s important then that the owner of a beagle doesn’t let his dog get obese.
  • The main attraction of the beagle is the wonderful personality. The beagle is noted for being extremely affectionate and loving to people they know and those they don’t. The beagle is also very comfortable in the presence of other dogs. Smaller animals are often not safe though because the beagle has strong hunting instincts still.
  • These hunting instincts often also mean that a beagle may follow a scent and ignore their owner’s commands to come back. Beagles had to be able to work out of sight of their owners which meant they have great initiative but can be hard to train. If it is to succeed, obedience training needs to be both fun and rewarding.
  • Beagles are generally very healthy and a good diet and exercise regime should see them live to a good age. Obesity and eye problems can however be a problem for beagles.
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