January 17, 2018

How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Stains On Your Lawn

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Fighting to reduce urine stains in your manicured green lawn? Try changing your dog’s diet. Remember, nitrogen is considered a byproduct of metabolized protein. So, changing to a lower protein diet may produce a lot less nitrogen. On the other hand, be aware that your pet still needs protein. So, when you reduce too much, it could actually cause problems. You should never think about feeding your pet a diet that is very low in protein in effort to make decreased nitrogen-potent urine. Dogs that restricted protein diets are for pets that have certain medical problems. These are not considered to be healthy options for the everyday dog.

Try Working With Your Dog

There are many options that a dog owner can consider when you are trying to keep your lawn from turning into an ugly brown discoloration. These solutions are considered to be enjoyable for the dog owner and the dog.

1) Redirect your dog: If your pet is eliminating in one particular location, for example, on the side of your backyard, try moving the staircase from the section of the deck (where brown spots more visible) and put the stairs at the opposite end of the deck. If your pets continue urinating, right they trot down the steps, the grass burn will be located within a section that is not as visible.

2) Try making an attractive area: Another thing you can do is try keeping the steps where they currently are but change the areas of grass burn with “urine-proof” plants, for example, a bed of English ivy. Your pets can now use the exact location without damaging it.

3) Try making a new section for your dog: Another idea is to redirect your dog to a different new area and give him a little privacy. When you’re making a new section for your dog to urinate, simply make the area so it seems attractive and hidden with a little of miscanthus grass, ornamental grasses, or even Leyland cypress. These grass textures will grow very fast into a privacy screen. The next step is to actually train your pet to actually use the area you’ve made. You can train your dogs by utilizing positive reinforcement to use a certain section within your yard. Try purchasing dog products, like urine stakes. This will assist in attracting your dog to a certain area.

4) Simply deal with it: Last but certainly not least, another option is simply to just deal with it. In other words, if you make a commitment to having a dog then sometimes you have to give up certain things and sometimes you just have to deal with it. But at least there are ways to make life easier having a pet.Content written by Sam Cooley of ohmydogsupplies.com, where you can find a extraordinary assortment of small dog clothing online.

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