January 16, 2018

Basic Tips For Choosing A Dog Breed

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Choosing a dog breed is not as simple as matching a terrier to your active lifestyle. It might surprise you how some of these so called dynamos can actually be very sedentary, while others are not only active, but frisky to the point of destructive as well. No canine pet is inherently bad, but with improper guidance and training, this may happen. So if you are thinking about adopting a dog, here are some questions you need to address first.

1. Do you intend to have your pet socialize with other home pets or with children? If you answer yes, then you need to train your dog to socialize well with the others. Otherwise, you may find yourself visiting the vet or your health care provider too often and for all the wrong reasons too. Despite the popular misconception, small dogs and miniatures are not really great pets for very young kids. However, you would not want to have a very large dog overwhelming your other pets, or your kids.

2. What is your purpose for acquiring a pet? Do you want a quiet house companion? Would you care for a watchdog? Are you looking to train a dog for tricks? Would you want a dog for competitive training? Would the dog be socializing with other people, (as with the cases of trained animals doing hospital visits?) In this case, you need to consider the temperament of your canine companion above everything else. Although there are some breeds that may be known to be of a certain type, individual personalities still surface after the puppy is weaned from its mother and thereafter. You need to take that account before you get the dog into any form of training.

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