January 20, 2018

Building a first aid kit for the dog

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In a home where there are children or aging family members, a well stocked medicine chest is a must. Children and older members of the family are often affected with health problems. With a medicine chest ailing members of the family can receive emergency care. This is true with pets as well. Pet owners have to be ready to deal with the injuries sustained by the pet. With the right equipments and the appropriate medicines, a dog owner can administer first aid to the pet. First aid kit ensures that the owner can administer measures that will stabilize the pet’s condition before it is transported to a veterinary facility.

A dog owner needs to be ready for any eventuality. As caring for a dog is comparable to caring for a baby, a medicine kit for the pet will be very useful given the fact that accidents can never be prevented. A medicine kit will be necessary even if a veterinary facility is next door. Running to the every now and then would be a costly habit. A vet will not be available at all times.

A dog owner equipped with a first aid kit can give the pet emergency care anywhere and anytime of the day. Dogs are great companions thus these animals are taken by the master almost everywhere. In the wild or in far flung places where no veterinary facility is nearby, a well stocked medicine kit in the car can save the life of an injured pet.

A dog owner can buy ready made kits or create a customized kit. For instance, the first aid kit of a pet owner that lives in the city where animal clinics are nearby would have different contents from the kit of a pet parent that customarily takes the dog hunting or camping in the wilderness.

Basic equipments for the dog’s first aid kit are scissors, rectal thermometer, cotton balls and swabs as well as leash and muzzle. Various sizes of bandaging materials will also be necessary. The kit should contain antibiotics ointments for the skin and for the eyes, wound disinfectants, antidiarrhea and antihistamines. Activated charcoal and hydrogen peroxide would be very necessary because dogs are prone to ingesting poisonous substances. First aid methods can stabilize the condition of the pet but veterinary attention would still be necessary. The phone numbers of the vet written on the cover of the first aid box makes it easier for the anxious pet owner to contact the vet.

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