January 17, 2018

Choose your best friend

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by Amanda Somrekli

Your puppy should have its own personal space. The crate, also known as a cage, kennel or den, must be big enough for the puppy to easily stand up and turn around in. I hate the word cage as it makes it sound like a punishment cell and that is most definitely not its purpose. A puppy should be able to go to its crate whenever it wants during the day.

You have to consciously watch your puppy to learn its body language. This will give you clues as to when it needs to go to the toilet.

You have to praise your puppy every time it does the toilet outside. The tone of your voice should be really enthusiastic but keep it soft not loud.

As the world now longs for toy breeds, believe it or not, these aren’t the best with children. The are more self-preserving and can get hurt much easier than a large breed. Dogs that were bred to herd, like border collies, can chase children and bite them.

In the beginning, the puppy should only be expected to stay in the dog crate for 2 daytime hours at a time. During his periods out of the crate, your puppy will need plenty of playtime, attention and loving.

Puppies should be given at least an hour between crating periods when they can play and explore and romp. This helps to burn off their seemingly unlimited puppy energy and helps them understand that crating will only be temporary.

Special treats can help make his new bedroom a pleasant place to stay. Give your puppy a small treat every time he has to go into his crate. Make his new bedroom comfortable. Get him a soft clean but durable blanket.

They are probably unsuitable pets for people who cannot or will not provide a considerable amount of daily exercise, both physical and mental. They are also inappropriate in households that are not prepared for the characteristic behaviors part of the Border Collie’s working heritage that include:

The second method mentioned here for house training puppies is crate training. This method involves keeping your puppy confined to a crate when there are not people around to supervise it.

Border Collies are unsuitable for households with small children. They may end up trying to herd the children or react quickly to unexpected movements.

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Dog Food FAQ’s

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Pet food never used to be a problem, as most people simply gave their pet table scraps. But now we know that giving our dog table scraps is bad, this is because it can cause to health problems, because the food eaten by humans is not always right for dogs.

Selecting the satisfactory dog food can be difficult and there is no one dog food that is suitable for every dog. Depending on the size, breed, and age of your dog the right dog food varies. Convenience might also enter into what you think is the right kind of dog food for your pet.


Chemicals and preservatives are just as bad for dogs as they are for humans. The recent case of contaminated dog food that has led to pet deaths has scared many pet owners. In many cases to the point of completely eliminating any commercial dog food in their home. While making your own dog food at home is certainly one way to control the food your dog eats, it is not always convenient or possible.

One way to eliminate preservatives from your pet’s diet is to select a holistic pet food that is chemical and additive free. There are a number of brands that provide good nutrition without chemicals or additives. Wellness dog food is one example of pet food that has all the goodness of nature without the nasty chemicals that can cause your dog to feel ill.

Dry Food Or Canned

Do you give your pet dry dog food or canned pet food is another decision you might want to make. For some pet owners this is a matter of economics. Dry food is easier to store and frequently a lot cheaper. This will mean you will have to make fewer trips to the pet store and less money will be spent by you at the end of the day. While this may be more economical, you should still take care about the kind of dry food that you feed your dog.

A better choice may be canned food as it has fewer preservatives in it. But this choice can pose a storage problem and you can find it a lot more expensive than dry dog food. Another factor in choosing might be your dogs preference! Some dogs will only eat certain types of pet food while others will eat just about anything. Experiment a little and be sure to change your dogs diet slowly into eating the new dog food of your choice. You can always try different flavors to see which your dog prefers.

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