January 17, 2018

Tips for pet dental health

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A lot of people don’t take the time to brush Fido’s teeth, but dental health is critical for your pets continued health:

Tips for pet dental health
Without preventative care, tartar can accumulate around a dog’s teeth. Max, a teacup Yorkie owned by Dr. Gary LaBar, of Pointe Animal Clinic, shows what white teeth look like.
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www.poochtips.com Dog dental problems are common. A pretty smile may not be on your dog’s priority list, but having sound teeth to chew his food certainly is. Your veterinarian will examine your dog’s teeth as part of his annual checkup, but don’t wait until their yearly exam to help prevent your dog from developing dental disease. Tartar and plaque can form on your dog’s teeth as they can on your own, and tooth loss and gum disease can just as easily develop.
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What Is The Price Of Year Round Dog Health Care?

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HEY I MIGT BE GETTING A DOG, BUT MY PARENTS ARE A LITTLE HARD….Ive been perswaiding them, mom told me to do some reserch about the yearly amount for health care and just care…If anyone here has a dog 1st what kind, and 2nd whats the care price about…..

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Barking dog advice for neighbors

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by Jack Pointer

If you happen to live by a barking dog, there are a couple steps you can take to keep your neighborhood calm.

Try contacting the dog owner and ask them to do something about the problem. Maybe the owner is not aware of the issue and will stop the barking right away.

If this does not work, then call your local humane society. They will want the name and address of the dog owner, and they will need your name and address too. They will also want to know when the dog is disturbing people.

Usually a letter from the humane society is sent to the dog owner, and usually this letter takes care of the barking problem.

In spite of this, if the dog continues to bark, a call will have to be made to the humane society again. A complaint will most likely be issued with an officer delivering it to the dog owner.

A complaint must be signed by persons representing households within a reasonable distance of the animal owner. If the owner still does not do something to stop the barking, he may have to appear in court.

keep in mind, if your dog is doing the barking; avoid the ugliness for yourself and fellow neighbors with some reasonable dog training.

Finally, if you are end up being a neighbor of a barking dog, keep in mind that you can do something about it. Most states and counties have noise laws on the books.

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How To Keep Your Pet Healthy

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by Mr. John Sommer, PhD.

Assuming that you are a pet owner and that you probably own either a cat or a dog (as that is what most pet owners do) I am not going to teach you something that you do not know but rather bring your attention to something that you might have forgotten.

* Amount of exercise: Both cats and dogs need physical activity. Movement is vital to any pet and the larger pet the more exercise is needed. That is why dogs will often require more exercise than cats.

* Way to exercise: If your cat is a stay at home cat you will need to take it out into nature. If you live in a big city you must take it for daily walks. All dogs (even the smaller ones) will need at least one daily walk and for larger breeds you need two or three walks a day of at least 30 minutes.

* Don’t spoil: Giving your pet food in excess amounts will be just as harmful for them as it is for you to overeat. The problem is that since they are pets they don’t know that what you’re giving them will actually harm them.

* Vitamins and minerals: Be sure to ask your VET what she recommends that you purchase for your pet. Some pet foods are better than others and you’ll most likely find that you can benefit from finding breed specific products.

* Love: Just like humans a pet will need love from you and from anyone else in your family. Without love a pet will lose the will to live just like a human would. Talk to your pet daily using happy words and make sure to keep a physical contact as well.

* Insure your pet: Every day thousands of pets get hurt by cars and there is nothing we can do about it. But instead of hoping that it’ll never happen to your pet be sure to get an good pet health insurance that will cover everything if bad luck strikes.

* Plan: Make sure you use a schedule for all major appointments. Be sure to note the regular VET check-ups and that your pet gets any medication or vaccines that it’ll need. Small things like these will add up in the long run.

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Presidential Pets

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by Camila Bilson

Now that President Barack Obama has taken the oath and will now the call the White House his home, 10′s of Americans are wondering; will Barack fight off the presidential freshman 15 with some very health-friendly Dog Yoga exercises? President Obama has yet to indicate whether or not he will make Doga a regular part of his daily routine in the same way the last Democrat to hold office made morning jogs a regular part of his day. But knowing that President Obama is a dog lover, maybe it is not too unlikely to see him with his dog in the “downward dog” pose.

Because President Barack Obama has been pictured with a dog or two and stated during his acceptance speech that the Obamas will be bringing a dog to 1600 Pennsilvania Ave, perhaps it is not totally farfetched to believe President Oabama may enjoy some Doga exercises between performing his Presidential duties!

Many news-making pets have been able to call the White House their home over the past few administrations. President Clinton introduced his family’s cat to the world; “Socks”. President George Bush showed the world his dog loving side when he made his dog “Millie” famous. President George W. Bush also showed his fondness for dogs when he put his dog “Barney” on the map. Who will President Obama bring to the White House? Will Doga be appropriate?

After wining the Presidential election, Barack Obama took a moment to address his daughters while also addressing the nation, he said; “You have earned that puppy that is coming with us” His 10 year old daughter Malia has expressed interest in making a “Goldendoodle” their family pet, a hybrid of a golden retriever and traditional poodle.

Over the many years the White House has served as the President’s home, many other pets besides Socks, Millie and Barney were able to also call the White House their home; and oddly enough, not all the pets were the typical dog or cat! President William Henry called a cow his pet while in the Presidential office, as did Rutherford B. Hayes. Teddy Roosevelt brought a long with him a small zoo, including 5 bears. But remember Doga is only for dogs, not bears!

James Buchanan called an elephant his pet during his Presidential tenure! Good thing Malia, President Obama’s daughter did not hear about a pet elephant in the White House, a puppy may lose some of its appeal when compared to an elephant!

While most presidents are not known as being yoga enthusiasts, maybe they should be! Yoga has shown to be very useful in the reduction of stress and moreover, playing with dogs has also shown to be useful in reducing stress. Doga can often be the perfect answer for anyone looking to reduce stress and stay in shape, Presidential or otherwise!

The Amy Stevens’ Yoga4Dogs DVD is a great way to spend some time with your dog while enjoying a fun and stress-relieving workout in the comfort of your own home! Doga is perfect for all sizes and breeds of dogs. Doga is perfect for every kind of person; Presidents, architects, chefs, stay-at-home moms, plumbersanyone!

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Dog Food FAQ’s

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Pet food never used to be a problem, as most people simply gave their pet table scraps. But now we know that giving our dog table scraps is bad, this is because it can cause to health problems, because the food eaten by humans is not always right for dogs.

Selecting the satisfactory dog food can be difficult and there is no one dog food that is suitable for every dog. Depending on the size, breed, and age of your dog the right dog food varies. Convenience might also enter into what you think is the right kind of dog food for your pet.


Chemicals and preservatives are just as bad for dogs as they are for humans. The recent case of contaminated dog food that has led to pet deaths has scared many pet owners. In many cases to the point of completely eliminating any commercial dog food in their home. While making your own dog food at home is certainly one way to control the food your dog eats, it is not always convenient or possible.

One way to eliminate preservatives from your pet’s diet is to select a holistic pet food that is chemical and additive free. There are a number of brands that provide good nutrition without chemicals or additives. Wellness dog food is one example of pet food that has all the goodness of nature without the nasty chemicals that can cause your dog to feel ill.

Dry Food Or Canned

Do you give your pet dry dog food or canned pet food is another decision you might want to make. For some pet owners this is a matter of economics. Dry food is easier to store and frequently a lot cheaper. This will mean you will have to make fewer trips to the pet store and less money will be spent by you at the end of the day. While this may be more economical, you should still take care about the kind of dry food that you feed your dog.

A better choice may be canned food as it has fewer preservatives in it. But this choice can pose a storage problem and you can find it a lot more expensive than dry dog food. Another factor in choosing might be your dogs preference! Some dogs will only eat certain types of pet food while others will eat just about anything. Experiment a little and be sure to change your dogs diet slowly into eating the new dog food of your choice. You can always try different flavors to see which your dog prefers.

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