January 17, 2018

How To Look After Labradoodles

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The labradoodle is the result of a labrador and poodle being mated together. First bred in Australia, the labradoodle was the result of attempting to create a dog that would have the good temperament of the labrador, the coat of the poodle and the high intelligence of both. Labradoodles are now commonly kept as pets worldwide. Read more of this article to find out about caring for a labradoodle.

Caring For Labradoodles

  • The main thing to remember when you’ve got a labradoodle is that they’re highly intelligent. The labrador and the poodle are amongst the most intelligent dogs on earth and labradoodle puppies will inherit this. These dogs are highly trainable, largely due to the fact they’re so eager to please their owner.
  • The physical characteristics of the labradoodle can vary quite a lot due to the fact they’re a cross breed. Labradoodles are very active and energetic dogs however so they should have plenty of opportunities to exercise. Exercise for labradoodles should be both physical and mental to ensure they remain happy. Labradoodles tend to take the love of water and retrieving from the labrador.
  • To ensure a well behaved labradoodle, the puppies need to be trained from a young age. As you would with any dog, basic commands should be taught first. Reward based training will be the most successful by far due to the labradoodle’s eagerness to please. Labradoodles can do a number of different jobs but the original goal behind their creation was to be a guide dog for allergy sufferers.
  • The labradoodle’s coat won’t moult nearly as much as that of a labrador and is probably the defining feature of the dog. The amount of shedding though is determined by how dominant the labrador genes are. You will need to brush their coat every couple of days or so. Carry out all other necessary grooming practices regularly.
  • Although generally healthy dogs, labradoodles can still be affected by certain health problems. Labradors can be badly affected by hip dysplasia which can be passed on to the labradoodle puppies. They can also inherit PRA which can lead to blindness from the poodle genes.
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