January 20, 2018

Toy Dog Breeds: Some Tips On Grooming Long Coated Dogs

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The adage, “small but terrible” may have been coined specifically for toy dog breeds. These little dynamos have a lot more personality than their littler carriages can carry. Aside from being feisty in nature, toy dog breeds are also generally valued for their looks. This is the reason why grooming for this breed of dogs, particularly those that have long coats, is more than essential. Dogs with long coats are more susceptible to matting. And matting itself can cause more serious medical complications if it is not addressed quickly. So in case you have a toy dog, or are thinking about getting the long haired breed, here are some things to consider when it comes to their grooming style.

1. Get the softest, fur friendly brush you can find. Your local pet store may carry such brushes but your best option would be to buy one directly from pet grooming salons. This kind of grooming brush should be soft enough for daily use. A boar bristle brush should do fine for most long coated canine pets. However, that still depends on the length and hair type of your pet. A different brush should be used when you want to groom your pet after a bath. Pin brushes and slickers are often used here.

2. If you are trimming your pet’s coat at home, it is important to also focus on the hair between the pads of the paws. The hair in this area is also prone to matting, and in severe cases can even hinder the dog’s normal movements. Cut the hairs parallel to the paws, and be very careful with the scissors or the razors so as not to nick the padded surface.

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