December 13, 2017

The Alaskan Husky

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The Alaskan Husky is an off-shoot of the Siberian, but have been interbred with hounds and other northern working dogs to create faster and more durable racers. Because of this they are more a category or class than a breed of dog. They are used primarily as sled dogs in northern endurance races, where they are prized for their endurance and speed. Alaskans bear many visual characteristics of their Siberian ancestors, but tend to be larger and have thinner coats, necessitating the use of protective garments in extreme northern locations.

Alaskan huskies thrive in dry and cool regions. Care should be taken to not overwork these dogs in warmer areas. When kept in more humid environments, they should be routinely checked for ear or other infections. A properly cared for dog can be expected to live between 10 and 15 years.

You should make sure that you have a large yard or access to areas that they can explore. Alaskans have been known to escape enclosures by tunnelling so, fences should be buried. Attempt to eliminate boredom or loneliness as this will cause an Alaskan to misbehave and possibly become destructive. Although, they are medium-sized dogs they will ration themselves and eat less than one would expect. They have a luxuriant coat, which only requires grooming during the fall and spring shedding periods.

alaskan huskyLike all huskies, the Alaskan Husky needs lots of room to play and exercise. Owing to their abundance of energy, these make poor choices for people living in cities or apartments, unless you can take them for long walks daily. Even still, your dog will be happier in an area where he can be kept outside.

Sociable and vociferous, Alaskan huskies need to be trained to be silent or else they will become an irritant to your neighbours. Training requires consistently maintaining a position of dominance over the dog. Huskies are pack animals and will only obey if you are seen as the leader. Be prepared however, as curiosity will lead even the best trained of these dogs into some mischief.

The temperament of the Alaskan husky is one that makes it a perfect choice for families with children. The kids and the dog will exhaust enjoy playing for hours. Alaskan huskies, in p

articular, have been bred to interact well with large groups of cheering spectators from their racing past. Because they are so friendly they are not recommended as guard dogs.

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