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Afghan Hound

afghan hound
The Afghan Hound is regal, loving and affectionate and is a good match for an active family with older children and plenty of time to walk their dog.

The Afghan Hound originates from the Middle East over 4 thousand years ago. A member of the Hound group, the Afghan Hound is timid when it comes to training, these dogs must be treated with kindness. May be difficult to housebreak.

Breed Specifics
Height: 27 to 29 inches
Weight: 58 to 64 pounds
Longevity: 14 years

The Afghan Hound is a regal dog. Slim and tall, he has a slender long head with ears that flop over and dark almond shaped eyes. His furry tail curls up at the end but is carried upright as opposed to across the back. The Afghan Hound has a long silky coat.
Colors: all colors are acceptable but usually earthy, sand type colors. White markings may be seen but are undesirable

This sight hound might be aloof at times but is an affectionate and sweet family pet. They do not tend to dominate and in fact are rather sensitive and need attention from their family or they will suffer. some dogs of the breed can be timid or high strung. The Afghan Hound is very quick runner and is great at sighting, herding, tracking, and hunting as well as a decent watchdog. A mature family is best for this breed who needs lots of attention.

Health Issues
This breed doesn't have many inherint health problems but is a bit of a baby and has a low pain tolerance.

Daily exercise is a must with this breed. Take him for long walks and let him run unleashed each day. This dog will enjoy a large fenced in yard.

This breed has long silky hair that needs some work to keep it looking good. To keep the coat shiny brush only when wet. Beware that the long ears can dip into water and food bowls and get matted. The Afghan Hound sheds an average amount of hair.

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