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American Bulldog

(photo courtesy Wikipedia)
The American Bulldog is heroically protective and loyal and is a good match for a home with a medium fenced in yard.

The American Bulldog originates from England and is a taller cousin to the English Bulldog. A member of the Mastiff group, the American Bulldog is eager to please and should be socialized and trained at an early age.

Breed Specifics
Height: 22 to 28 inches
Weight: 70 to 120 pounds
Longevity: 16 years

A powerful muscular dog, the American Bulldog has a wide chest and long legs. The square head and powerful jaw might make yhim seem fearsome, but this breed is usually not ferocious. The American Bulldog has a short coat.
Colors: shades of white, tan, brown, red or brindle

Contrary to what many people think these dogs are typically not overly aggressive. They are, however brave and determined and have been known to perform a row to ask for their master. They have strong protective instincts and need to be well trained and socialized an early age. This dog loves children and is a very loyal family dog. He has strong protective instincts so needs to be trained for obedience at an early age. He can be agressive with other dogs and shy with strangers.

Health Issues
This breed is prone to hip displaysia .

This dog only needs moderate exercise and a daily walk should be enough.

Short coats like these are easy to care for - just bath and brush as needed. The American Bulldog is an average shedder.

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