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Australian Cattle Dog

australian cattle dog
The Australian Cattle Dog is one of the most intelligent breeds. This dog needs a job or task to be happy and must be trained well and kept busy and is a good match for anyone who can keep an intelligent and active dog busy.

The Australian Cattle Dog originates from Australia where they were bred to withstand the harsh climate and are, in fact, one of the best herding breeds known.. A member of the Herding group, the Australian Cattle Dog is easy to train dueto his high intelligence. They do well in agility training. .

Breed Specifics
Height: 17 to 20 inches
Weight: 32 to 35 pounds
Longevity: 15 years

This dog is powerful and agile. The head is broad with slightly pointed ears and dark oval shaped eyes. The Australian Cattle Dog has a short double coat.
Colors: red with speckles or blue with speckles. Sometimes the blue speckled will have blue, tan or black markings

Sometimes called the Australian healer and the blue healer of the Queensland healer, this dog is one of the best herding breeds. His trademark is to nip at the heels in order to herd and you may find that you need to do some training in order to get your dog to not herd your family and friends. they are loyal and protective and one of the most intelligent breeds. Though they are intelligence allows them to be easily trained, they also quickly become bored so you need to be sure that this dog has a job to do and a variety in his training routine. The Australian Cattle Dog is an one person dog who is loyal to his master and can be suspisious of strangers. He can tend to dominate other dogs and might not be good with children unless raised with them from puppyhood.

Health Issues
This breed can be prone to PRA, deafness, and hip displaysia.

make sure this breed gets plenty of exercise or you'll find yourself with a problem on your hands.

Use a firm brush when brushing and give a bath as necessary. The Australian Cattle Dog sheds twice a year.

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