December 14, 2017

Tips for a Successful Dog Training

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Do you know that even though dog training should be fun, for many folks it is a nightmare? It is so because most people approach dog training with the wrong mindset. Because a lot of manual and training instructions are out there claiming to be the best, identifying a suitable dog training formula and style is your responsibility.

After you have found the dog training formula that is okay for you and your dog, bear in mind that body language plays a very important role in dog training. Your dog is watching you.

It is of utmost importance that you maintain a body language that is consistent with your dog training commands. Your dog will be as obedient as you are consistent, persistent and dedicated in your actions.

It is innate in any dog to obey a pack leader. Therefore, your dog training success greatly depends on the quality of leadership you exhibit. Any lackluster attitude will be detected by the dog. Any uninspiring attitude by you will cause your dog to become disobedient.

Make Sure That Your Hand Signals Are Consistently Clear To Your Dog

It produces best result if you do your hand signals with the same hand every time. Let your gestures be natural, your dog is a sensible animal that can read meanings out of exaggerated gestures, and act according to what your gesture connotes for the dog. Your hand for the dog speaks clearer than voice, but you can synchronize the two so that the dog will in time decode the word without the hand gesture.

Consistently Reward Obedience – Every Command Your Dog Passes Is Obedience.

Spare not praises for good behavior or obedience of training session commands. If you are inconsistent in rewarding your dog for good deeds or obedience, rewards will lose its meaning and desired effect. Dogs learn by repetition, so that inconsistency only confuses a dog. Be consistent, whether you are training a puppy or a grown dog. If not, your dog training will produce an unsatisfactory result.

Each Dog Has A Personality:

For a successful dog training you must first identify the personality of your dog. Is he a mellow or an exuberant dog? Sure, this is very important because mellow dogs don’t learn easily when coaching is forceful while the exuberant dog will react to your very gentle dispositions by displaying too much exuberance and inattention. He will prance about and on you even as you try to teach it dog obedience. That’s why you should identify your dog’s personality so that you can handle his training appropriately.

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