January 20, 2018

Tips For Blind Dog Care

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A lot of things can happen to the sight of your pet – age, accidents, illness and so on. But dogs can be amazingly resilient and can still live a full life even without sight. Here are some blind dog care tips from bloggers you might want to consider if your dog is losing or has lost their sight:

Tips for Living with a Blind Dog | Ask Dog Care – Q&A

Tips for Living with a Blind Dog There are many health conditions,

Publish Date: 02/11/2011 3:00


Blind Dog Care – Special Needs Pets Tips | Care Your Pets

When people visit your home, explain that your dog is blind and tell them to speak softly before touching them. 2. Put a little bell or have noisy tags on the collar of all other pets in the household so the blind dog

Publish Date: 07/16/2011 3:00


Here’s some videos on blind dog care that can help you take care of Fido shold he become blind:

Dog Health : How to Take Care of a Blind Dog

If a dog is blind, the dog will need to be taken care of, although a dog that is born blind is more difficult to help because it has no frame of reference. Learn about different eye problems to look out for in a dog withhelp from a veterinarian in th…

And, as you can see, blind dogs can still live a full life just like Possum does:

Blind Dog Possum – Episode 1: Strange Itch

Episode 1: Strange Itch www.facebook.com/blinddogpossum Possum lost sight in her right eye a few years back and it was removed just as the sight in her left started to fail. She is not completely blind but leads quite a happy and confident life. She …

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